Torie's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

November 13, 2020
Hi Jan,
It was so wonderful to meet you today! Thank you so much for everything!! Torie’s first day/night has gone very well! She was SO good on the ride home—nodded right off to sleep and slept the whole way home. She ate all her food and has gotten comfortable quickly. No accidents and no nipping at all! She loves her new bed and has started to show some fun energy. I will continue to keep you updated as she continues to get settled in!
Warm regards,

November 21, 2020
Hi Jan!
Torie’s first week went very well! Absolutely no nipping and no accidents! She is a very smart little girl: she knows “sit” and loves to go “out”! She’s a good eater, loves to play, and won’t let me out of her sight! A question I should have asked you last Friday: did Tori receive tick and flea protection recently? I didn’t see it in her paperwork (maybe I missed it!)

March 13, 2021
Hi Jan!
I hope you are staying well!! Torie has been doing SO well!!! Her personality has really come out over the past few months—she is more playful and vocal, and so lovey! She has certainly made herself right at home. I tell her “I think this is your house, and I’m just the live-in chef!” Today she visited the groomers and came home looking so pretty! (Pic attached) I said “I dropped off Torie, and picked up Victoria!” Not surprisingly, the bow did not last long haha! Warm regards,

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