Wally's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

May 13, 2022
He is so sweet! We have been to the vet, gotten DHPP He has claimed the yard: He barked at Mr. Bird Intruder….. he sleeps very well, eats the kibble along with his raw and the wet food I can feed Ruby. He rides super in the car, and I just adore him! You saved his life. I look at him and so wonder what his story is!

May 18, 2022, He is so good! He knows the rhythms of the house, I bought a little sling carrier to take him on walks with Ruby and me. Ruby FINALLY made real eye contact, brought him some of her toys and engaged. So sweet! He is doing fantastic and is oh so loved 🥰 Not once has he pottied in the house! Not.Once.

September 10, 2022
Hi Jan,
Wally is doing wonderful. He is such a good boy! One of his favorite things? I throw out the peanuts, he waits for the squirrels, lol. I think he was a pet before his awful adventure. He just knows things, and he isn’t fearful of very much at all. In any case, he is the sweetest little dog. Hope things are well up in your neck of the woods. Take good care,

December 11, 2022
Just dropping a line to let ya know Wally is doing great! He has wanted to sleep downstairs since I have had him, but for some reason decided to give the bed a try and now sleeps under a TON of covers at the foot of the bed. I love him so much! He is a very good boy. ❤️❤️❤️🐾🐾

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