Winston's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

May 9, 2022
Hi, Jan,
We made it home fine. He was a little angel in the car. He is sleeping on my lap right now. He has had a busy day. He met the other 2 dogs at our Lodge and seemed to not mind them. Time will tell. I discovered that I didnít pay you for the food. I apologize. I will send you a check tomorrow. Thank you for the opportunity to take care of him. I sure hope he likes it at my house.

May 11, 2022
Hi Jan,
Thought you would like to see him in his bed taking a snooze this morning. He did very well yesterday. This morning after eating we actually made it outside to poop. Yeah🤪🤪🤪. He slept in his bed on the floor last night and did well. Henry decided he wanted to sleep on the bed which he hardly ever does. This is an interesting situation. After it rains we are going outside to do some gardening. We shall see how he does outside with me.

May 14, 2022
Here are the guys handing out on the porch while I work in my shrubs. He is doing pretty good. Trying to get him to poo outside. So far he has only done it 3 times in the house. He has a curious habit of biting at the air. Not sure if he sees something on his face or ? He does not like to let me out of his sight. He cries like a baby. Next Tuesday I have a Dr appt so that will be his first time at home in a kennel. Maybe he wonít be to upset because Henry will be in one also. I always leave my front door open and set the kennel in front of the storm door. Will have to figure out how to do 2 now. Trying to teach him some manners. He thinks when I am eating he can beg. I donít let Henry do that so we are working on it. He also attacks his food bowl like it is the only one he has seen in awhile. I am teaching him to be patient and go to his bowl calmly. That may take some time. He gets a few treats when we go to bed at night in his dog bed. He loves that but tries to eat all Henryís also. I have to give Henry his treats on my bed. Working on that also. He loves to sleep on my lap in the morning when I am drinking my coffee. He is quite the opposite of Henry on that. Henry will sit by me but he doesnít like to be held for very long. All in all things are going well. He sends you his ❤️ & a 💋.

May 22, 2022
We had a very good week last week at my house and a fun filled weekend staying at our family lodge. He is settling in very well. I took him to the vet last Wednesday and he was very good. He has been sleeping through the night and is dry when he gets up in the morning. I have started feeding him 3 times a day. He seems to like that a lot. I can tell he knows when itís time to eat. Sometimes he goes and lays down by his dish and waits. He is getting along with the other dogs, which is great. Henry and him are becoming buddies. He is doing good with his potty training but I donít want to brag for him yet and jinx his progress.
So all in all he is great.

June 6, 2022
Sorry itís been so long since I filled you in on our little fella. I must say he is a delight. He has had several milestones with me so far. Today he raced around the yard with Henry. It was so cute to see. I am working on leaving him outside with Henry without me being outside also. At first he would stay out unless I was there. They stay out probably 5 minutes then he wants to come in. He is doing very well with his food issue. I feed him 3 times a day and I think it works out well for him. He loves bedtime because both he and Henry get some bedtime treats. I put them in both of their beds. He does not bother Henryís treats, eats his treats and stays in his bed for the night. He sleeps very well. His potty issues are somewhat under control. He is wearing his diaper less and less every day and he hasnít pooped in the house for several weeks. I still donít trust him totally. That may take awhile longer. I discovered he likes to play with me at night. And he loves being on my lap and hugs. He had his first grooming appointment with my groomer last week. Justin gave him a trim and shaped his ears and legs. He really did well with Justin. All in all he is a darling and I am glad he is mine. Henry is enjoying his company also. They seem to be buddies now. Hope all is well with you and your dogs. We are heading to KP Lake Friday until next Wednesday. He likes it there and my brother's dogs donít seem to mind him. My sister is coming from Texas on Saturday for the summer. She will have him on her lap whenever she is sitting. She canít wait to meet him.
Take care.

August 7, 2022
Here is Winstonís favorite place to sleep at the Cabin on the porch. We have had lots of company at the Cabin so I havenít taken the time to send you updates. Sorry about that. I am learning all of his likes and dislikes. I have discovered that he is a little afraid of children so we watch him when they are around. He still wears a diaper at night. Most of the time he is dry but every once in awhileÖÖ.. He has gained some weight and his legs are getting stronger. He runs around the back yard with Henry. It is so cute. He even lifts his leg to potty now. He and Henry just love each other. He climbs in Henryís dog bed with him. Itís so cute to see. He is not displaying any food aggression with Henry or the other dogs we have at the cabin. Two weeks ago we had 7 dogs for a weekend. They all got along. 5 of them are big dogs. A huskie, 3 mix breed labs and a golden doodle. His fur is coming in nicely and his tail has longer fur on the end of it. The bald spot is no longer bald on the tail. He does still lick his feet a lot. Cathy and I are going to try soaking them in diluted Dr Bradís Vinegar to see if that helps. Her vet suggested she do that with her dog because she was always licking and chewing on her paws. She no longer does that. I donít know if it is a habit from the fleas he had or they bother him. He doesnít have any fur loss on them. We shall see what we can do! Hope your summer is going well. I will try and do better letting you know how we are doing. It just has been a very busy time.
Take care.
Karen, Winston and Henry Chestnut

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