Zandy's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

January 16, 2018
Hi Jan, We made it back to Lansing with no problems. Zandy is still pretty nervous but she ate her dinner great and is curled up on my lap sleeping. So far, it’s a great start. Thanks for taking such great care of her!

January 17, 2018
Her first day at the office. She’s not getting a lot done! She’s been doing great with going to the bathroom outside and eating. No accidents yet!

January 22, 2018
Zandy’s doing great! She just discovered herself in the mirror. She barked at herself and did that thing where she wouldn’t look directly at something but watched it from the corner of her eye. It was very cute.

January 28, 2018
Hi Jan,
Zandy had her vet appointment on Thursday. I ended up changing vets from the one you did the reference check on. I started with them because I used to live in Okemos where they’re located and just kept going after I moved to Lansing. I decided to change to the East Lansing Veterinary Clinic which is located right behind where I work. It’s a 2 minute walk through the back yard. They have a great reputation and work closely with the MSU Veterinary Clinic. She had a good check-up. The vet said she was low on muscle (he said it’s common if a dog spends too much time caged up or carried around) and said the same thing about her needing her teeth cleaned within the year that the other vet said. I took her on her first walk on the leash today. She did fantastic. When I brought her home I tried to get her to walk on the leash just for short distances (from the car to the house) and she would freeze and look terrified. This time she walked for half an hour right on my heels wagging her tail the whole way. She’s getting a lot more playful and confident.
So far, so good.

February 9, 2018
Hi Jan,
Zandy's doing SO great I can’t believe it. No accidents in the house yet and I’m pretty sure she’s asked to go out twice but I’m not positive. I let her out every few hours anyway but twice in the last couple of days she’s growled at me for no apparent reason and when I let her out she’s pooped. She’s still a little nervous about some of the noises the house makes. Sometimes she barks when the heat comes on. But, she’s getting more comfortable and is acting like it’s her house. The most surprising thing is what’s happening at the office. My sister has a cat which we never see during the day. She said it comes out at night and sits on her lap but it’s never come in the office. The cat has started following Zandy around and she seems to actually like it. She hasn’t liked any of the dogs she’s met so far but she has no problem at all with the cat and now the cat sits with us in the office.

February 26, 2018
Zandy’s doing great. She’s started playing a lot more. She has a knack for rooting under things and ending up with them on her head. Then she just sits there until I notice before flipping it off and running to pick it up again. She continues to amaze me every day! She has her first grooming appointment on Thursday. I’ll send you a picture when she’s all freshened up.

March 1, 2018
Zandy made it through her grooming. They said she behaved perfectly and they all wanted to take her home. They said everyone commented on how cute she was all day. I told them that I do that too but I don’t want her to think people only like her for her looks so I’m trying to tell her how smart she is too. The girl put that in her file so the next time they’ll change up their compliments. It’s hard to look at that little face and not tell her she’s adorable!

March 8, 2020
Zandy has been doing great and enjoying coming to work every day. She has a lot of jobs and does them all flawlessly!

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