Zebo's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

May 28, 2020
Hi Jan,
Zebo rode perfect on the way home. Ran around and smelled his house and Spike, went poo and pee outside. Short walk following Spike. Now he is sitting right next to me. He’s adorable and a lap cuddler. Thank you so much. I’ll send more updates and pictures later.

May 29, 2020
Good Morning!
Zebo sends smooches back. He’s sure a little love bug.;) Follows me all over and keeps an eye on what I’m doing. Slept well through the night with Spike and I. If I go to pet Spike he jumps right in. Seems to be settling in just fine. Do you know If he has a favorite treat? He is not interested in anything Spike has. Do you leave the belly bands on at night and how long do they stay on during the day if changed out to clean pads ? Thanks so much. More updates to come !

June 13, 2020
Hi Jan,
Zebo is doing really well. The scratching may have been stress. He doesn’t seem to be doing it much now. Looking at other foods. Appreciate the heads up. He is starting to play with his toys and Spike. Initially he was glued to me. He sends you big hugs and wants you to know he may become a model even though you did not think it possible lol. That face ❤️❤️❤️
Take care (((((hugs)))) Zebo, Deb and Spike

December 23, 2020
Just wanted to let you know Zebo is doing well and hanging out with Spike! But no putting on Christmas attire lol. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

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