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Rockie Macho Tzu
Editor and Staff Reporter
Age: 3 years old
With PATR since November 2003

Buffet Adorable Poodle
Vet Appointment Coordinator
Age: 12 years old
With PATR since August 2003

Lacey Attitude Yorkie
Grooming Coordinator
Age: 9 years old
With PATR since June 2004

Shilo Noseitall Pekey
Adoption Coordinator
Age: 6 years old
With PATR since March 2004

Woody Lovable Tzu
Fund Raising Coordinator
Age: 10 years old
With PATR since December 2003

Current News
Rockie here ready to inform you of all of the goings on within the last 30 days. Whew, it has been busy. We put over 2000 miles on our rescue mobile this month making trips to the vet, picking up new fosters and meeting Forever Moms and Dads. We added these new vinyl window signs to the van with our logo so everyone knows when we drive down the road now that there is precious cargo on board.
  We decided to continue to keep Mom slim and trim by making sure that we poop a lot, of course at different times, which gives her the opportunity to run in and out the door and up and down the ramp to our play area on a regular basis. Of course we have also continued to work under cover with Dad so that he can continue to sneak us treats.
   Lacey kept everything in order grooming wise this month. She gave her normal lecture on grooming behavior to Chanelle, Madonna, Oreo, Woody, Kaylei, Fabian, Carley, Waylon, Apollo, Emmy, Roarke, Buffet, Isaac, Nena and Salsa. Of course she said she also needed her nails done so made an appointment for herself as well.
  Buffet did a fantastic job keeping everything organized for all of the vetting appointments. He is so good at counceling the pupsters before they go to see Doc so they are not afraid. When each arrives home he is right by their side giving them support and comfort.
  Shilo has been buried this month responding to potential adopters, reviewing applications, processing applications, answering the phone, and helping Mom and Dad make that final decision. He is very, very selective about the applicants. We are talking about our brothers and sisters here – nothing but the best for them!  
We also felt that it was time to establish a Board of Directors for the rescue. Mom and Dad just cannot do it alone any longer. The board will concentrate on fund raising initially and lifting some of the paper burden from Mom and Dad, so they can do what they do best, caring for us pupsters.
 We are pleased to announce the following Board Members:
Jennifer Boyd Jacksonville, FL
Keith Brown Stone Mountain, GA
Jamie Burson White Cloud, MI
Jeff Chubb Morris, IL
Jan Collins White Cloud, MI
Judy Davidson White Cloud, MI
Jan Dittenber St. Louis, MI
Kathy Foote Traverse City, MI
Marg Krass Windermere, FL
Colleen Maffett Jacksonville, FL
Marsha Nolan Cumberland, RI

Woody may be small in size, but he is big and strong when it comes to helping all of the pupsters out. We have some babies that need so much right now. We are currently concentrating on Nena and Isaac. Both are blind. We have raised $1400.00 and need an additional $500.00 which will meet immediate needs for Isaac and Nena. Isaac needs cataract surgery and he will be able to see in his left eye – what a joyous day that will be! Nena, with ongoing meds for her eyes will be able to see again. Jetta will be visiting the eye specialist on the 23rd and we are hoping for good news. Jetta’s right eye has been surgically removed, but hopefully there is help for the left eye. And of course there are the expenses of food, grooming supplies, paper towels, leashes, harnesses, and the list goes on. All of our donations go directly to the pupsters. Everyone who helps us out does it on a volunteer basis.

Please visit our current eBay Auctions to promote funds for our pupsters. We have a wonderful Head Protrait by Sandie Friedland – what a wonderful Christmas present this would be. And then for you bear lovers we are offering “Asa” who was created by Leeann Snyder of Busser Bears.
Peke A Tzu Rescue Ebay Listings
Woody says everyone out there needs to know that we struggle on a daily basis to take care of everyone. It is not the size of the donation that counts – pennies add up to nickels, which add up to dimes, which add up to quarters which add up to dollars!! We appreciate everyone’s generosity and caring about us.

  Well, it was a whirlwind of activity around here. Snoopy arrived, what a great guy he is. His owner went into apartment living and could not take him with her. He is filling our lives with his gentle disposition and loving ways.
 We just love Jetta and are taking so much time with her, showing her how to get around for she cannot see, but we are hoping when she visits the eye specialist we will receive good news about her left eye and then Paxton can again get lots of exercise as he makes every effort to help our Jetta.
   Quincy is one handsome boy, but unfortunately he tested HW positive so we have been pampering him as much as possible as he goes through his treatment. Once he is through the treatment he can then be neutered and will be ready to find his Forever Home.
  Posey’s breeding days were over so she was able to join the crew and what a sweet, sweet girl she is. Posey is so horribly thin, but is getting lots of extra treats to put those pounds on. Also she had a really serious uterine infection which is being treated.
   Tressa was at death’s door, no one wanted her and they have no idea what they have missed out on. Tressa had large growths on her tummy that had to be surgically removed. Unfortunately the biopsy indicated a high grade of cancer, but we know there is someone out there for her – she is such a sweet, gentle little girl who just wants to be loved.
   And then, Cinders, Spade and Ebony hit the door, their Mom and Dad could not keep them and they are definitely keeping all of us busy.

  Vetting needs are endless. We are fortunate to have our vet here in Michigan for he allows us to pay when we can. Our bill is climbing so any donations would be so appreciated. Our vetting in Florida is paid immediately. As stated above in the Fund Raising we are in need of funds to continue caring for our foster brothers and sisters. Quincy’s vetting is high and we will need additional funds for Jetta.
  The tears flowed again as all of us bid some of our brothers and sisters good bye this month. Our sweet Alex found his Forever Home near to us with a wonderful family. Waylon who was one of our favorite playmates is happy and enjoying his new family here in Michigan. Our shy, but lovable Whitney is enjoying life in Ohio. Toby didn’t have far to go to find his loving family, but BamBam journeyed to Florida to join Toby and liven things up a bit. And then Noodles and Roarke joined their brother MacAlister (fka Diego) in Illinois. We hear from all of them often and are so glad they have found their special homes.
We have decorated our online Gift Shop for the Holiday Season and hope that everyone will stop in and do some shopping. Rock Man here has really been scoping out the designer duds. Of course then there are the custom made snuggly sweaters and fleecy walking vests that are new for our fall and winter season. I would also like to point out that these can only be found in our gift shop. And then we have these fantastic decorative sink strainers and what great holiday gifts these will make for neighbors, teachers and co-workers. And to top it off we have our beautiful holiday greeting cards featuring our very own pupsters and you have 5 selections to choose from!
  We would like to thank our sponsors Cheryl, Marsha, Marg, Keith, Colleen and Chris, Dick and Judy, Jeanine, Michelle, Jennifer and Harvey, Lynn, Fara, Jack and Carol, Scott and Jamie, Marianne, Helen and Frank, Marg and Jim, and Melissa for their continued support.
Also a huge thank you to those of you that have supported us through donations – Michelle and John, Marg and Jim, Helen and Frank, Ramona, Marsha, Colleen and Chris, Nancy, Jennifer R., Jennifer and Harvey, Marianne, Lionel, Cherie, Wendy, Diane and Kevin, Arlene, Donna, Harlan, Jeff and Jane, Vicki, and Beth.
  And to all of you that donate your personal time to help our babies, a special thank you goes out to Judy and Dick, Jennifer and Harvey, Vicki and Randy, Jamie and Chad and Marg and Jim.
  We also extend our appreciation to all of those that have contributed to helping our pupsters vetting needs through Gift Shop and eBay purchases.


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