Pocco’s distrust of people has been heart wrenching for me because it has taken so long for him to give his heart to a human again. How long? It wasn’t until last spring of 2003 that he started asking for any love and at the end of last year he started letting me pick him up. Now he wags and wiggles and jumps up and down just asking for love…..it took all of this time and I can’t even fathom as to what happened to him over the past years! He is now a happy, lovable 14 year old Tzu.

Love heals and Pocco’s broken spirit has healed….what a wonderful beginning for Pocco and our family in this New Year of 2004! Another senior pupster has found he can live the remainder of his life out with love, trust and dignity. I so love “Pocco my Man”!

Guardian of Pocco and his extended family of furries….Toby Mercedes, Saffie, Korki, Tye, Romeo & Lulu-all rescued babies….Jeanine M. Smith

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