Rudy taught me:
It is important to stay close to the ones you love.
Ask for the things in life that you want.
If you are told no and there is something that you really want, be persistent.
When life appears to have come to its end, do not give up.
If you fall, pick yourself up and trot on.
Give your love freely.
Be deaf to the unkind words of strangers.
Hear the words of love and kindness from people who love you.
Protect those whom you love with all your might.
Wait patiently for those you love.
When you do something, give it your all.
When you are doing something that you love, do it with gusto and the joy of living.
Be proud of yourself.
Each morning wake and discover the joy of a new day.
Take your medicine with good humor.
Appreciate the ones who love you and let them know.
Do not complain about aches and pains. Ignore them and go on.
Thank those who have done something for you.
Take time to play.
Sleep in contentment and peace.
Value your friends and let them know.
Take time for exercise.
Enjoy just going outside.
Don't miss any experience that life offers.
Be bold and fearless.
Trust your friends.
Ignore those that you don't care for.
Walk with pride, dignity and self-confidence wherever you go.
It is amazing how one little life can affect so many others. Rudy enjoys the love and admiration of all whom he meets. He brings a smile to peoples faces. He entertains with grace and charm. He is am amazing guy who has my respect, admiration and undying love. Rudy is my foster dog.

After only 18 months with us Rudy passed away peacefully, in his sleep, in his own little bed, with his favorite blanket, at home, with his furry family and I there with him on July 12, 2003. He will be sorely missed.
By Rudy's mom, Bernie Jordan

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