Toby & Saffie
Toby had been used as a breeder throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. He had been shuffled from one person to another…his breeding days were over and no one wanted him! His tongue was hanging from the side of his mouth because of the lack of teeth and the remaining teeth were in such bad shape that they all had to be removed. Toby also had a growth on his eyelid that was removed and of course he was neutered. He went through all of this like the Champion he was. Little did I know that when I retired in 1996 I would experience the joy of rescuing an unwanted senior pupster. Mercedez gave us a gift as she was leaving for Rainbow Bridge, our Toby “Mercedez”.


Then along came my Saffie in the fall of 2003. Saffie was an owner turn in due to an uncomfortable living situation. She was healthy with the exception of a growth that needed to be removed from her gum. She needed a home and just walked right into my heart. She is one happy 10 year old, bouncy Yorkie.

Again, the joy of taking in a senior baby is the most rewarding feeling that one can experience….please don’t miss out on it. A Yorkie’s estimated life span is 20 years, can you imagine thinking of euthanizing any pupster just because he or she is too old, no longer wanted, going blind or deaf? They deserve to be loved and adored for whatever time they may have left.

Forever Guardian of Seniors Toby Mercedez and Saffie…Jeanine M. Smith

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