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I Love My Dog

Customer Comments

March 19, 2011
Hi Jan,
I just wanted to let you know that we're in receipt of the 911 Belly Bands
and they are wonderful! What great construction, and the fits are perfect.
Thanks so much for making these awesome belly bands available, and for the rescue work you do!
Warmest regards,
Shari in Ohio

March 15, 2011
Hi Jan,
The belly band is working great! I think Buddy knows he has it on and has only wet it one time
(when a friend brought her dog over and he tried to ďmarkĒ his territory on my wall). I have the poise pad that you recommended inside.
Buddy measured a size 16, so I ordered the medium, but I have to keep most of the velcro exposed in order for it to fit him.
I have not used the second one I ordered (it is still folded in the bag)
and wondered if I could exchange that for a size large which I think may be the better fit.
I have also sent your information to my sister Karen in Raleigh, NC, so she will most likely be ordering one soon
for her dog who has similar peeing issues to mine!
Thanks again for a great product!
I finally can relax knowing Buddy is not peeing all over my house!
Paula in Tennessee

March 7, 2011
Hi Jan,
I got the belly bands and love them. Tuck, on the other hand, is not so sure.
But he does know that when I put them on, he gets to go in the living room with me and sit on a chair in front of the fire.
And in Buffalo, NY, that is a real plus. Thanks so much.
I will forward your website to others for possible ordering.
Patty in New York

March 7, 2011
Thanks, Jan! Arrived in today's mail. ADORABLE!!
He almost fell over when I first put it on, but getting use to it now.
It will be wonderful not to have to keep wiping up my floors!!!!
Lauretta in Florida

March 7, 2011
Hi Jan,
You're welcome for the pic. Ming looks much cuter when his teeth aren't showing, but yes,
he is adorable and is my snuggler, so he will love a hug from you.
Thanks again for the awesome belly bands and the rescue work you do!
Pam in Minnesota

February 15, 2011
I am very happy to contuine to support the wonderful work done for the senior and rescue pets!!!
And the belly bands are a great well made product and the best I have found any where.
My bichon, Danny is a AKC champion who sometimes marks in the house.
This past weekend at a dog show, I gave your web site address to another bichon owner. And her male bichon placed at Westminster today!!!!
Thank you,
Marianne in New Jersey

January 25, 2011
Hi Jan,
The bands arrived and it looks like they will work perfectly. Thanks so much for the assistance.
I'll be sure to recommend Peke A Tzu belts to anyone that comes asking!
Kevin in California

January 22, 2011
Hi Jan,
The belly bands have arrived and we LOVE them!
The boys are doing well with them.
Erin in Germany

January 21, 2011
Hi Jan,
The first package arrived today and the colors are lovely, belly bands very well-made,
and several of the boys are vying for modeling honors.....I just might have to take photos of several
of the schip-kidz modeling their new finery for you, but Iíll wait til the second package arrives
to decide who gets to wear which one. Looking forward to the arrival of the second package,
and thank you very much for all you do for your rescue kiddos.
Glad to add a bit of cash to your rescue fund and get some much-needed belly band replacements in the process.
Kisses to your pupsters,
Sam in Oregon

January 20, 2011
Good morning Jan,
Once again we are very pleased with our belly bands. I will be placing another order in the next couple of weeks.
Thanks again,
Cheryl in Michigan

January 19, 2011
Hey Jan
I received them and they are great! I will send in a photo over the next couple days.
Tom in Maryland

January 15, 2011
Thank you, Jan :)
I love your belly bands! My little Bear occasionally still has some marking issues (primarily my son's bed, because his female dog sleeps there),
so the belly bands are fantastic! They are so much easier than having to change my son's bedding all the time! LOL
I will take a photo of my little stinker and send it to you for your gallery.
Thanks again!
Connie in California

December 22, 2010
Belly bands are perfect! Perfect size, they're working well for us!
Thanks so much Jan!
Angela in Georgia

November 26, 2010
Hi Jan,
I got my belly bands today and they look great (your seamstress does an excellent job).
Thanks again for following up to get them to me and I hope the pups are all doing well.
Have a great day,
Don in Alberta, Canada

November 22, 2010
I just wanted to express my gratitude for your wonderful product!
I had gotten 2 belly bands for my incontinent whippet Max and they were a life-saver the last few months of his life.
Again, I just wanted to let you know that you have a very wonderful quality product here and the suggestions for the poise pads
and getting 2 so one is always clean was obviously based on experience!
I was going nuts trying to keep Max on a waterproof bed liner all night in the same place. That was not working out!
It also makes me feel good to know the $ goes to keeping doggies safe,
loved and healthy. I hope you all and yours are doing OK!!!!!
Dawn in Kentucky

September 21, 2010
Hi Jan!
I LOVE your belly bands, I think they are genius!!
You should really try to market those to big retailers, the ones they sell at Pet Smart and Petco,
are made of this ugly hard denim and has a really strong elastic, horrible....
yours are perfect , cute and very comfortable!! I am going to tell my groomer...he is going to love them.
I think it solves a problem that so many people have...marking males...
I have a chocolate pomeranian that loves to put his on, when he sees me with it,
he sits and waits for me to put it on cute!
Thank you also for the tip about the Poise pads, they really work!!!
I will send you some pictures of him wearing his....
Take good care!
Patricia in Florida

August 29, 2010
Thank you Jan!
These belly bands are the best thing ever!
Sylvia in Florida

June 15, 2010
Hello Jan,
We received our order today for two Belly Bands (green camo & bandanna skulls).
We are so happy with them and so impressed with the quality and the speed of delivery!
You are awesome and so are your products!!
Thanks so much!!
Erica in California

May 27, 2010
Hi Jan,
I plan to market your product :-). I gave it as a gift to one of my friends, she is hooked!!
I have placed an order for 4 more bands today! I am going to try and capture some pics of Bogie this morning to send to you.
I am so glad I found your website. I was getting so frustrated with the "marking", and was being advised to purchase a shock collar.
I just could not bring my self to use this method on my baby boy! This is much better.
My husband thinks it has made our boy feel more confident too!
Thanks again, and I will spread the word!
Melissa in Texas

May 27, 2010
I'm stunned..they were here in the mail this morning! Less than 24 hours! Thank you!
I'll get some pads and get these boys fixed up and get you a photo!
Millie in Michigan

May 21, 2010
Hi Jan
Thanks so much for your prompt reply and your wonderful service
I appreciate this transaction even more as I had a nasty run in with another supplier that took months to resolve.
And I am thrilled that the purchase helps your rescue group.
So thanks again.
Take Care,
Alexandra in Ontario Canada

May 19, 2010
You sell the cutest and best made belly bands!
I am glad to help a rescue in any possible way!
I just adopted 2 more little rescues...I now have 8 rescues, and 2 rescue granddogs that live with me.
I absolutely adore my furbabies! It is especially easy with the belly bands!
My babies will be styling as usual in their new belly bands soon.
Amanda in Georgia

May 5, 2010
I received my 911 belly band today for my yorkie "Kibou", who is also a service dog.
I must say that this is the best belly band I have ever purchased at an incredible price.
I will not only continue to order from you but will definitely recommend you to everyone I know.
Enclosed is a pic of Kibou with your wonderful belly band.
Thank you,
Mercedes & Kibou in Texas

May 3, 2010
Thank you so much for your quick shipping of these items.
I am dealing with a senior pug who has back issues causing some incontinence and a younger pug who marks.
I also want to say, that I was so happy to find your site. I found for-profit sites that were charging as much as $25 for belly-bands.
I would much rather give my money to a nonprofit helping our four legged babies.
Good luck with your future sales and I will most definitely pass along your site to my vet and others who may need belly bands.
Leslie in Massachusetts

April 5, 2010
Thank you Jan!
We love the belly bands! They are far superior to any I have bought in a store. Much cuter too.
Kathy in Ohio

March 27, 2010
I appreciate your note......I was delighted to see your site when I was looking for belly bands.
I am involved in Doberman Rescue in Virginia so was really happy to buy from your rescue....and that all the money goes for the dogs.
Thank you to your volunteers for this great idea and thank you for helping rescue dogs.
Sue in Virginia

March 21, 2010
Thanks Jan!
When I looked for belly bands to purchase online I chose yours specifically because the proceeds go to your rescue.
My husband and I foster and transport for a rescue in Louisiana.
We have six dogs, including a couple that were otherwise unadoptable -
a nippy lhasa , a chi with alopecia...I KNOW you understand that LOL.
We finally replaced the old flooring (suffering from many years of incontinent senior dogs) with new tile, and are very hopeful
that we can finally get from everyone being "almost housbroken and doesn't
mark when we are looking" to the real deal!
Thanks for your contribution to our more sanitary household, and for your commitment to rescue.
Rita in Louisiana

March 11, 2010
Hi Jan,
I got the band today. Its great quality. I will let you know how it works and I will send you a picture.
I tried it on him and he is not a fan so far, but I am sure he will get use to it.
I am glad there are peope out there like you helping these poor dogs. All three of mine are rescued from the south.
They are the sweetest dogs.
Have a great week.
Jessica in Rhode Island

March 1, 2010
Hi Jan,
We just purchased two more belly bands for Stretch.
I went up a size as the extra large is just a wee bit tight for him.
I think he'll be happier in the double extra large. The quality and workmanship of the one I received is terrific!
I'm going to bring your business card to my vet so she can give the information to other clients.
Stretch will also model it for her!
Thanks very much,
Carol and Stretch in California

February 27, 2010
Hi Jan,
BBs arrived safely - excellent as usual - Bertie will be the envy of his pals!
Best wishes and please thank whoever stitches them - perfect.
Pat and Bertie in East Lothian, United Kingdom

February 26, 2010
Hi Jan,
I purchased a "Pupster" at Petco the other day, washed it once and it fell apart!
I also told my husband it would be nice if I could find one with a fun design instead of the boring plain blue the Pupster comes in.
When searching for another kind, I ran across your website and am very glad I did.
I like it's made in America and the profits are helping rescues.
"Stretch" is a rescue dog from ten years ago! He is a mix of basset and terrier with a whole lot of devil in him!
Two weeks ago, he suddenly lost control of his hind quarters and spent two nights in ICU. We brought him home and he is making a remarkable recovery.
What has happened now is the nerves that innervate around the tummy are irritated
so it's causing him to do a lot of licking in the tummy and private area, which causes some other issues.
So, we need to cover him up! The belly wrap is perfect
and I love the designs you offer in fabrics.
Warm Regards,
Carol and Stretch in California

February 20, 2010
You guys rock! Iíve recommended you to a number of my friends.
The bands are so well made and the fabrics are great!
Jane in Colorado

February 10, 2010
Dear Jan,
Thank you so much. Your Belly Bands are just great.
I have 6 Silky Terriers. Two of them are not totally house broken and your bands have have been a real life saver.
I have told many people about your product. Keep up the good work.
Best regards,
Margaret in New York

February 10, 2010
My mother-n-law usually makes these for us. I pulled up your site to show a friend what they are.
When I saw that 100% of your profits go to the babies... FORGET IT - I was hooked.
How wonderful of you guys to do that. I try to tell everyone about these bands because dogs are not disposable.
I adopted an 8 yr old (now 11 yr old) Yorkie a few years from a shelter, he was dumped for making the grave mistaker of being old & sick.
He now lives like a king and my husband lovingly calls him the love stealer.
We will adopt dogs for the rest of our lives and you will always have our business.
Thanks so much!
KellyAnne Your Friend in Wisconsin

January 6, 2010
HI Jan,
I recieved my belly bands on Thursday. Yay!!! and they are on my little dogs and I am a happy woman.
Thank you,
Linda in Kentucky

January 6, 2010
I just wanted to let you know we recived our belly bands today and are very happy with them. We will send pictures soon.
Thank you,
Deborah in Indiana

December 31, 2009
Hi Jan,
I received the belly bands already! They look great and seem very sturdy and well made.
I'm already putting one to use. I'll send a picture in the next few days.
Brian in Michigan

November 16, 2009 The pleasure is ours Jan.
Your items are of great quality and your cause is so worthy.
Cathy in Pennsylvania

October 25, 2009 I love the belly bands! Thank you for the wonderful belly bands that arrived today!
They are perfect for my 10+ year old rescue basset who is now incontinent. Kind regards,br> Susan in Alabama

October 23, 2009
Hi Jan,
The belly bands have arrived and they are just beautiful!
Far superior to the one Peanut had on when I adopted him. He is now so much more comfortable.
Better fit and so cute! Thank You for a great job.
Barbara in New Jersey

October 16, 2009
Jan, I will mail you a picture of Slider Blue in his belly band....
not sure you have too many Blue Tick Coonhounds sporting them :)))
He is such a good boy, but is a "leaker". We're still not sure why, have run so many tests.. next up probably a CT scan,
but we'll go the distance for him... in the meantime the belly bands will help us tell how much
and when he is leaking, which is very important.
Maggie in Texas

October 8, 2009
Hi Jan,
I rec'd my belly bands today...too cute! Thank you so much, they will be used for my newest foster boys!
I will be letting all my dog friends know about your services. Kisses to your babies, keep up the admirable work :)
Tracy in Nevada

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