Louis Vuitton Platinum/Black Fabric Collar

vuitton collar and leash

Do you dream of designer fashions for your furbaby? Well, dreams do come true at the Peke A Tzu Rescue gift shop. We custom make Louis Vuitton fabric collars for YOUR precious pup. The stress areas of the collar are triple stitched. The Louis Vuitton fabric collar comes in 2 widths: 1 inch width and 3/4 inch width. The collars can be machine washed alone in a gentle cycle and then allowed to drip dry. But we recommend hand washing for longer life of the fabric.
To measure your pet for the collar, please use a soft measuring tape. Wrap the measuring tape around the dog's neck, where a collar will lay. Allow the measuring tape to just touch him around his neck and do not pull the measuring tape too snugly. Allow just enough room to slip 2 fingers between the measuring tape and your furbaby's neck. Although the collar is custom made for your babies's measurements, it is still adjustable and will allow room to grow. Select your collar neck size below, using the neck measurement. Paxton, photographed below is wearing a 3/4 inch wide LV platinum/black collar and a 1 inch wide LV platinum/black leash. He weighs 13 lbs., if this will give you an idea of these fabric widths on a toy breed.

vuitton collar and leash

Sold seperately, the LV fabric collar is $35.00, including first class shipping within the US. Collars with a neck size of 15 inches or less are $40.00, including first class shipping within the US. This fabric is not available for larger neck sizes or leashes. If shipping to Canada or UK, postage will be $5.50, so please add to the cart below.

To order, Peke A Tzu Rescue is happy to accept your donation through paypal by using the links below and your order will be processed within 72 hours. If you prefer to pay by other methods, please email Louis Vuitton Platinum/Black Fabric Collar for payment instructions.

Louis Vuitton Platinum/Black Fabric Collar
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