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Peke A Tzu Rescue Southern Pawty in October 2005

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Jen, Harvey, Lia, Ling-Ling, Paxton & Baxter Lexy & Miller Colleen, Marg, Bruce, Peabody, Peabody 2 & Rolex Eunmi, Lexy & Miller Marg, Colleen, Cadbury & Peabody Tulip Christine & Lindy Eunmi, Colleen, Jan & Christine Ling-Ling Jennifer, Cadbury & Pringle Colleen, Peabody & Peabody 2 Top - Bottom: Baxter, Peabody, Jester, Rolex, Tiki, Fabian & Ling-Ling Harvey Jennifer Precious Colleen & Eunmi Marg, Eummi, Colleen, Jen & Jennifer with Jester & Paxton up front. Eunmi & Pringle Precious L-R: Marg, Christine, Jen, Eunmi, Jennifer, Jan & Colleen Colleen, Christine & Jen Jennifer, Pringle, Peaches & Miller Peaches, Rolex, Fabian, Precious & Skylar Jen & Precious L-R: Jen, Jan, Peaches, Shelly, Precious, Skylar, Madonna, Priscilla & Fabian Jen, Precious & Priscilla Keith, Bruce, Precious, Priscilla & Carmella Keith, Priscilla & Precious

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