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October 19, 2008
Peke A Tzu Rescue Pet Blessing

Chaplain Keith

Today was a beautiful day that will remain in our memories forever. Friends and family from Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New York, and Ohio participated in our second PATR Pet Blessing.
St Francis & Reese
We are happy to share our day with you through pictures as our beloved pets received the blessing.
Bruce & Aigner
A special thank you to Chaplain Keith Brown who once again organized this blessed event and donated a small bottle of Holy Water, a St. Francis Medal, paw print key fobs, a card with the Prayer of Peace and a printed Instruction Pamphlet on how to perform and say the St. Francis Blessing.

The beautiful stole that you see us wearing was lovingly made by Chaplain Keith. When we put it on we can feel how much love was sewn into every stitch. We hope that you will join us next year for this wonderful event and give each of your beloved pets a special hug for us. Please visit Chaplain Keith's website at Chaplain of Pets.
With deep appreciation to all,
Jan and Bruce

Jan & Barry

Bruce & Benson

Jan & Calla

Bruce & Brewster

Jan & JD

Bruce & Chantelle

Jan & Kia

Bruce & Dora

Jan & Noela

Bruce & Fendi

Jan & Noodles

Bruce & Grady

Jan & Nougat

Bruce & Harlan

Jan & Saxon

Bruce & Kandie

Jan & Temple

Bruce & Patina

Jan & Twila

Bruce & Sydney

Paris, China, Taz, Kiley & Koda Haag

Koda Haag

Paris Haag

Kiley Haag

China Haag

Taz Haag

Gala, Belladonna and Tye, Lacey, Saffy, Lulu & Romeo Smith

Doris & Monique Salada

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