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April 1, 2006
Coastal Veterinary Hospital Open House in Jacksonville, FL

L-R: Colleen, Christine with Lucy Tzu, Rush, Eunmi, Jennifer with Jester & Harvey with Madonna

Peke A Tzu Rescue was invited to attend Coastal Veterinary Hospital's Open House in Jacksonville. Our volunteers Colleen, Christine, Eunmi, Harvey, Jen & Jennifer participated and Christine brought her darling Shih Tzu puppy, Lucy Tzu. Jen and Harvey brought foster Peke girls - Precious, Skylar and Madonna. Jennifer brought foster Tzu boy, Jester. Colleen brought the Maffett baby-to-be with her.
Two lovely ladies attended so they could meet Madonna and we were thrilled when they made a generous donation to her vetting fund! Thank you Donna & Amy!
Special thanks to the Coastal Vet Hospital staff for including us in the Open House and their continued support. Jan and Bruce Collins

L-R: Colleen, Eunmi, Jennifer & Christine

L-R: Eunmi, Colleen, & Jen

L-R: Eunmi, Colleen, Jen & Christine

L-R: Jen, Colleen, & Christine

L-R: Jen, Colleen, & Christine

L-R: Don & Colleen

PATR table & customers

Colleen at PATR table with customers

PATR table

L-R: Jester, Madonna, Skylar & Precious

PATR tent

L-R: Jen, Colleen & Christine

Christine with Lucy being attacked by a large Flea

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