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Our First Pawraid

We were honored to be accepted by the Parade Committee and able to participate in the 41st Danish Festival Parade in Greenville, Michigan.

This was quite the experience for us as we prepared the pupsters and ourselves to meet the crowd along the parade route. There were brochures and business cards to be printed, magnets and banners to be created, a vehicle to be used in the parade and the list goes on.

The response from our volunteers was fantastic. All chipped in to make our first Pawraid a success. The Pawraid went well, all enjoyed the pupsters and of course the children loved the candy! We enjoyed meeting all of the wonderful people in Greenville and thank them for giving us such a warm welcome.

A special thank you to everyone who helped our first parade be such a success! We will definitely do this again.

**Helen Bates Donating monies for candy
**Jennifer Boyd Making the wonderful collar scruffs for the babies
**Keith Brown Donating monies for candy
**Judy and Dick Davidson Babysitting all of the pupsters in our absence
**Jan Dittenber Participating in the parade and donating monies for candy
**Scott and Missy Dittenber Participating in the parade, donating balloons,
supplying coolers filled with ice and being
kind enough to let us use their vehicle.
**Colleen Maffett Donating monies for candy
**Marsha Nolan Donating monies for candy
**Donna Seth Preparing over 800 suckers with business cards attached

Of course we have to pay a special tribute to our pupsters that attended for that is what this is all about. Thank you Angel, Blackjack, Fabian, Loki, Precious and Rolex for meeting and greeting the crowd with wagging tails and a paw wave to everyone.
Jan and Bruce Collins

Gabriela Missy Scott & Missy Scott & Missy Pawraid truck with logo - Loki riding shotgun Fabian Jan & Rolex PATR Truck for ready for Pawraid Blackjack Jan & Missy with Rolex Jan doing her Pawraid Queen wave with Rolex Loki with Clown Bruce & Precious Loki Loki & Jan D. Parade Parade Parade Rolex Jan with Rolex & Angel Parade Gabriela with Precious Parade Parade Missy after party Blackjack Bruce, Fabian & Jan Fabian after party with Precious Bruce & Missy Jan D. & Loki Loki

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