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Our First Pawraid
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We so enjoyed everyone along the parade route and they all loved seeing our pupsters. Blackjack made quite the impression with all as he pranced down the street holding his head high. Loki helped hand out brochures with his Mom and was quite the hit. Fabian just cruised along in his own personal stroller just looking handsome. Rolex and Angel impressed all with their wagging tails and they even handed out a few kisses along the way. Precious, well Precious is precious, what more can we say.

We were all exhausted, thirsty and hungry when all was done and were so thankful to Marianne's family. They invited us into their home for an after Parade Party and those Danish dishes were way beyond yummy!

Jan and Bruce Collins

Loki Loki & Jan D. Parade Parade Parade Rolex Jan with Rolex & Angel Parade Gabriela with Precious Parade Parade Missy after party Blackjack Bruce, Fabian & Jan Fabian after party with Precious Bruce & Missy Jan D. & Loki Loki

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