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Quarantine & Grooming Area Photo Update

Below are updated photos showing the progress of the construction.
We are in need of additional funds to finish the building.
Please consider making a donation via Paypal below or mail a check to:
Peke A Tzu Rescue
16130 West Stanton Rd
Trufant, MI 49347
All Donations Are Tax Deductible!

Quarantine 1
April 2, 2007
Well, thanks to all of you our work has begun! Bill removing the overhead doors with Bruce's supervision.

Quarantine 2
April 2, 2007
Beginning to close off the front of the garage.                                                       

Quarantine 3
April 2, 2007
Enclosure complete and framing in entrance door to grooming area.

Quarantine 4
April 2, 2007
Entrance door to grooming area installed.                                                           

Quarantine 5
April 3, 2007
Bill beginning to put in the studs for the wall separating the grooming area from the quarantine area.

Quarantine 6
April 3, 2007
Framing complete for wall separating grooming area and quarantine area.

Quarantine 7
April 4, 2007
Entry door from grooming area to quarantine area installed.                                                                 

Quarantine 8
April 5, 2007
Bill installing window looking into grooming area.                                                                                   

Quarantine 9
April 6, 2007
Door in quarantine area installed.                                                                         

Quarantine 10
April 6, 2007
Outside looking at door leading into quarantine area. There will be a secure fenced in play area installed for the babies on this side of the building.

Quarantine 11
April 10, 2007
Bill beginning to install electrical wiring and outlets and smiling nicely wishing we would dispose of the camera.

Quarantine 13
April 14, 2007
Dry wall and insulation delivery.                                                                                 

Quarantine 14
April 15, 2007
Area being prepared for installation of insulation and drywall.                                                                 

Quarantine 15
April 16, 2007
Bill beginning to install insulation.                                                                                                 

Quarantine 16
April 16, 2007
Bruce installing foam insulation insuring that all walls are air tight.

Quarantine 17
April 17, 2007
Bill and Bruce starting ceiling drywall and finding out that they aren't as young as they used to be. We will be renting a lift tomorrow...:).

Quarantine 18
April 18, 2007
Now this is better. Bill and Bruce using the lift to install ceiling drywall.

Quarantine 19
April 18, 2007
Ceiling drywall completed.                                                                                                 

Quarantine 20
April 19, 2007
Bill installing propane wall heaters for both grooming and quarantine areas.

Quarantine 21
April 20, 2007
Making Bill take a break to celebrate Jan's birthday...can you tell he was thrilled?

Quarantine 22
April 21, 2007
Bruce pressurizing gas lines for propane heaters.                                                                 

Quarantine 23
April 23, 2007
Finishing up installation of drywall. Now the fun part begins, mud and tape and then more mud and tape followed by sanding...UGH!                                                                 

Quarantine 24
April 24, 2007
Bill and Bruce beginning to prepare for installation of sink and cabinets for grooming area.                                                                 

Quarantine 25
April 25, 2007
Bill preparing initial plumbing for grooming area. This is Bill's last day here. Our funds are depleted and we will not be able to complete the project until further donations are received. Bruce will complete the walls and paint. We will continue updates once we are able to proceed with the project.                                                                 

Quarantine 26
June 24, 2007
Bruce completed sanding and mudding of drywall and has begun applying primer. We have enough funds to complete the priming and painting of the walls.                                                                 

Quarantine 27
June 25, 2007
Bruce beginning to complete primer on sidewalls. Once completed he can then paint and install door and window trim.                                                                 

Quarantine 28
July 18, 2007
Bruce and Bill measuring out play area for the quarantine babies. Have to make sure they have adequate room to romp and play you know!                                                                 

Quarantine 29
July 19, 2007
Now, the hard work begins. Bill digging holes for the posts in preparation for the play area. Notice Bruce is no where to be found.                                                                

Quarantine 30
July 20, 2007
Placement of lower storage cabinets in quarantine area. Proper support will be installed to bring cabinets up to counter height. We will then install surface counter. These cabinets will be used to store all supplies necessary for the care of the babies while in quarantine.                                                          

Quarantine 31
July 23, 2007
Bill framing in play area for the babies. We are getting closer!                                                                

Quarantine 32
July 24, 2007
Bill preparing decking for play area. We have chosen to do a deck area for the babies which will be easy to keep sanitized.                                                                

Quarantine 33
July 24, 2007
Bill installing ceiling fans. The fans will help circulate the air and move the cool air from the air conditioners during the warm summer months.                                                                 

Quarantine 34
July 28, 2007
And the painting begins. Bruce starting to finish off the walls with a very soft green...the pupsters will love it!                                                                 

Quarantine 35
August 28, 2007
Bruce painting exterior doors...this door is coming out of the quarantine area into the play area. Yep, green again...that's what the pupsters said they wanted!                                                                 

Quarantine 36
Quarantine 36a
September 3, 2007
Bruce prepping and then sealing floors on grooming side. He will then do floors in the quarantine area. Floor needs to cure for at least a week. Our preference was to lay linoleum, but funds are not available.

Quarantine 37
October 19, 2007
Well, heat is finally on the way and just in time. The gas company arrived today to run the propane lines into the building.                                                                 

Quarantine 38
November 3, 2007
The quarantine area is now functional. Please meet our first new guests Summer and Lorre. We have room for five large xpens. The babies have plenty of room for their beds and toys as they go through their quarantine time. We still need to purchase baseboard, paint to finish off some of the area and flooring.                                                                

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