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2010 Calendar Photo Contest

2010 Calendar Contest Results:
We would like to thank everyone who voted for our sweet babies that are being loved and held closely by their wonderful families. This is what rescue is all about and the end result is so very heart warming. It was a battle to the finish and the following babies will be featured in our 2010 Peke A Tzu Rescue calendar.

Bianca Bibler
Cassidy Wik
Holly Stewart
Kindra Munk
Loretta Bradt O'Meara
Maia Iovino
Marcy and Peeka Manning
Pixie Baptiste
Pixie and Tootie Baptiste
Rhett and Terra Unser
Rocky Hoselton
Tinky Wik

We would like to feature our forever home babies in our 2010 calendar. We reached out to our adopted pupsters and asked them to send us a photo that we could present to all of you. We received a great response and now we are leaving it up to you to choose which of these darling babies will be featured in the Peke A Tzu Rescue 2010 calendar. We will make the decision based on voting for the baby of your choice.

Each vote will be generated by a $2 donation to Peke A Tzu Rescue. All proceeds will be applied to the cost of creating the calendar and will be tax deductible. We encourage everyone to be generous and donate at least 5 votes ($10) and help your favorite contestant win. We will update the votes daily for each contestant so you can see if your favorite contestant is in the lead. Voting will end at midnight on Sunday, May 31, 2009. To vote, click on the photo of your favorite contestant to donate via Paypal or mail a check payable to Peke A Tzu Rescue, including the contestant's name to:
Peke A Tzu Rescue
Jan Collins
PO Box 1
Trufant, MI 49347

We deeply appreciate everyone that continues to help our foster pupsters and a special hug to those adoptive parents who have welcomed our pupsters into their hearts and homes.

Jan & Bruce Collins

2010 Calendar Photo Contestants

Vote for Chloe ReynoldsVote for Oscar MartinVote for Happy Wik
Vote for Holly StewartVote for Elle Bella BazydloVote for Dexter Covinsky
Vote for Kindra MunkVote for Laya TimmVote for Mavis Schuh
Vote for Rocky HoseltonVote for Stella & Rudy HoseltonVote for Truffles Stachnik
Vote for Bianca BiblerVote for Juliana RidenourVote for Parker & Payton Burns
Vote for Loretta Bradt O'MearaVote for Bernie VogtVote for Cami Schreiber
Vote for Kojac DomingoVote for Rhett & Terra UnserVote for Andy McNeil
Vote for Sophi HoseltonVote for Maudie PerezVote for Paris Haag
Vote for Pixie & Tootie BaptisteVote for Tinky WikVote for Cassidy Wik
Vote for Nicky OrtadoVote for Halie IovinoVote for Clint Miller
Vote for Wylee LathamVote for Noella IovinoVote for Marcy & Peeka Manning
Vote for Maia IovinoVote for Sashay Bradt O'MearaVote for Praline Reynolds
Vote for Sissy ShirkVote for Anastasia MarsVote for Pixie Baptiste
Vote for Keegan HulmeVote for Sebastian MillerVote for Jolyn Nichols
Vote for Schatzie CurtisVote for Jessie FoxVote for Portia Rickard
Vote for Leo PenkalaVote for Dugan PackardVote for Jett Sledz
Vote for Fritz KennedyVote for Magnum Kemp

Current Total of Votes Per Contestant
4.5    Chloe Reynolds 12     Oscar Martin 16     Happy Wik
152    Holly Stewart 14    Elle Bella Bazydlo 37.5    Dexter Covinsky
114.5     Kindra Munk 25    Laya Timm 7    Mavis Schuh
92    Rocky Hoselton 45     Stella & Rudy Hoselton 7     Truffles Stachnik
165     Bianca Bibler 2     Juliana Ridenour 5    Parker & Payton Burns
93     Loretta Bradt O'Meara 6.5     Bernie Vogt 5     Cami Schreiber
9     Kojac Domingo 137     Rhett & Terra Unser 87.5    Andy McNeil
45     Sophi Hoselton 15     Maudie Perez 22     Paris Haag
135     Pixie & Tootie Baptiste 96     Tinky Wik 94     Cassidy Wik
7     Nicky Ortado 47.5     Halie Iovino 12.5     Clint Miller
20     Wylee Latham 47.5     Noella Iovino 125     Marcy & Peeka Manning
92.5     Maia Iovino 15     Sashay Bradt O'Meara 2     Praline Reynolds
9.5     Sissy Shirk 42     Anastasia Mars 115     Pixie Baptiste
2     Keegan Hulme 35     Sebastian Miller 9.5     Jolyn Nichols
37.5     Schatzie Curtis 50     Jessie Fox 9.5     Portia Rickard
12     Leo Penkala 9.5     Dugan Packard 25     Jett Sledz
12     Fritz Kennedy 9.5     Magnum Kemp     

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