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Peke A Tzu Rescue

Peke A Tzu Rescue is a Non-Profit Shih Tzu Rescue and Pekingese Rescue exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We are also active in Maltese Rescue, Poodle Rescue, Yorkie Rescue and Mixed Small Breed Rescue. Our primary location is in Trufant, Michigan but we do have foster homes in Indiana and Florida. The rescue is comprised of volunteers donating their time and love. We do not receive any money from city, county, state or federal governments. The volunteers are not paid except with pupster kisses and adoration. Many of the gift shop items are donated by volunteers so that the rescue receives 100% of the sales proceeds. Also the Director of the rescue maintains our website so that we do not have website fees with the exception of server costs. We rescue dogs from local animal shelters, animal control facilities and private owners. All are fostered in our homes until they find their Forever Home. All vetting needs are addressed upon arrival with the appropriate follow up vet visits. We also provide a Pre Adoption Physical which is done within a 7 day period prior to adoption. This physical includes a wellness exam and fecal. A copy of the Pre Adoption Physical with our veterinarian's signature will be supplied to the adopter. We will keep an update of total vetting costs at Foster Vetting Costs. We do adopt out of state, but request that the Adopter fly in or drive in to get the baby.
Additional information on adoption can be found at Adoption Guidelines.

$1,000 is only a CLICK AWAY! Please help our pupsters win the SHELTER CHALLENGE!!

The Animal Rescue Site is awarding $100,000 in grants to eligible Petfinder.com member rescue organizations to help animals. The grand prize is a $10,000 grant. They are awarding a $3,000 grant for honorable mention and those rescues that are number one in any particular week are awarded a $1,000 grant. This is the third Shelter Challenge we have participated in. We have reached the top ten in our state in prior Challenges, but need to be number one in the state at the end of the week and the pupsters will receive a grant of $1,000!! We just know with your help we can achieve this goal. Can you imagine the celebration if we reached number one in the United States at the end of the Challenge and won the grand prize? Dreams do come true you know. Please visit Shelter Challenge and follow the steps below:

**Click on the big purple box that says "Click Here to Give - it's FREE"
**On the next page that pops up, at the very top there is a small box that says "Vote Today"
**Click that box and enter Peke A Tzu Rescue (Trufant, MI).
**Hit Search and then "Vote" when the results are displayed.
**Be sure to type in the name of the animal that appears on the next page or your vote will not be counted (they are making sure you're a real person and not an automated machine)
**You can vote ONE time each day. Not only are you voting, you are helping shelters earn food donations every time you click.
**Any votes are appreciated - if you just want to vote only once, that's ok. If you think to vote occasionally, that's great. And if you vote every day we may just win this Challenge!

The Challenge ends Sunday April 18th at midnight (PST).
As of February 10th we are #25 in the state rankings and #704 in the national rankings. This is great when you consider the number of rescues and shelters participating, but we need to reach that BIG NUMBER ONE to help the pupsters. We will update our rankings every few days here on the Home Page so that you can see how we are progressing in the Challenge.

February 11th
State Ranking #24 Overall Ranking #643 HURRAH!
February 13th
State Ranking #23 Overall Ranking #599 INCHING FORWARD.
February 15th
State Ranking #22 Overall Ranking #576 ONE STEP AT A TIME!
February 17th
State Ranking #19 Overall Ranking #543 ONWARD AND UPWARD!
February 20th
State Ranking #19 Overall Ranking #523 AT A STAND STILL...MORE VOTES NEEDED!
February 22nd
State Ranking #18 Overall Ranking #503 WE THINK WE CAN..WE THINK WE CAN!
February 27th
State Ranking #18 Overall Ranking #490 WE ARE STALLED AT #18...MORE VOTES PLEASE!
March 3rd
State Ranking #18 Overall Ranking #481 WE ARE STILL AT #18..(:-. WE KEEP HOPING!
March 9th
State Ranking #18 Overall Ranking #470 WE ONLY HAVE SIX CHANCES LEFT!

Our pupsters haven't missed a day since the Challenge began!

Could You Help Our Sweet Starlene?

Starlene, an adorable little Shih Tzu girl, was turned over to the rescue by her breeder. She was having eye problems and was being treated for an ulcer on her right eye. She was not producing any tears so her eyes were extremely dry which leads to ulcers. She constantly squinted her eyes because of the dryness and pain resulting from the ulcer. After evaluation by our specialist it was determined that surgery needed to be done to enlarge her eyes a bit to help correct the eye lashes which were growing into the eye at the top and bottom. This procedure was completed in hopes that she would then begin producing tears. Starlene will be 4 months old the end of February.


Starlene's surgery was completed and the healing process began. After 4 weeks it was evident that tear production was still absent. At this point vetting expenses have been high. The only option left to correct Starlene's eyes is a procedure called "parotid duct transposition". The procedure involves rerouting a salivary gland to the eye. There is no guarantee that the procedure will be successful, but we would like to do everything possible for Starlene. At this point Starlene has the need for eyedrops a minimum of every 2 hours. Because of the lack of tear production Starlene faces the probability of concurring ulcers and eventual loss of sight and possibly her eyes.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please donate below via Paypal or send a check to the address below.
or mail a check to:
Peke A Tzu Rescue
PO Box 1
Trufant, MI 49347

Special thanks to our generous donors:
Judy & Dick Davidson
Jean Iovino
Marg Krass
Melanie Pedro
Alex Quasnitschka
Suzanne Timm

Designer Handbag and Shoe 50% Off Sale!
Authentic designer Coach handbags and shoes have been generously donated to Peke A Tzu Rescue to raise funds for vetting expenses for our senior and special needs fosters. 100% of the proceeds goes directly to the Pupsters' Food and Vetting expenses. Many critically ill and senior fosters have gone to Rainbow Bridge and were unable to be adopted into a loving family of their own.
We are left with huge vet expenses from these precious babies and our financial resources have been depleted. With the current economy, some of our previous donors have chosen to discontinue donations.

We are placing the following four items on sale to generate funds for vetting which are desperately needed:

**Coach Hamptons Studded Large Hobo Handbag
Original asking price: $435
Sale Price: $217.50

**Coach Black Signature Gray Canvas Large Handbag
Original asking price: $350
Sale Price: $175

**Coach Signature Barrett Olive Green Tennis Shoes Size 8.5
Original asking price: $75
Sale Price: $37.50

**Coach Signature Barrett Blue Tennis Shoes Size 8.5
Original asking price: $75
Sale Price: $37.50

Authentic Coach HandbagAuthentic Coach Handbag
Authentic Coach Signature Barrett Olive Green Tennis ShoesAuthentic Coach Signature Barrett Blue Tennis Shoes

Please visit our Gift Shop to see all of the available designer handbags and shoes. Remember that 100% of the proceeds goes directly to the Pupsters' Food and Vetting expenses.

Online Gift Shop
Capone Voelker - PATR Patron
Please check out our online Gift Shop. We have 911 belly bands ready for immediate shipping, and hope to offer our embroidered belly bands and panties for girls once again in the near future. 100% of the sales go directly to the food and vet expenses for our precious foster pupsters.

Due to many requests from our patrons, our volunteers looked far and wide for a special pet memorial urn for their beloved pet's ashes. Our Sweet Dreams Angel Pet Urn can be personalized for your special pet.

Parents to the long haired breeds are going to love our new pet water bottle stands. They keep pupster faces dry and drinking water clean.

Candle Ceremony

Our pets fill our lives with so much joy and parting is always so difficult.
Many visitors to our website have requested a special page to pay tribute to their Bridge Babies.
Please visit our
Candle Ceremony
page to share the memories of others.
We invite you to light a candle in memory of your beloved pet.
Please contact us with a short write up in remembrance of your pet and include a picture at least 800 pixels wide. Please email this information to Jan Collins at
If you would like to donate in memory of your beloved pet please donate via Paypal or send a check to the address below.
or mail a check to:
Peke A Tzu Rescue
PO Box 1
Trufant, MI 49347

2010 Peke A Tzu Rescue Calendar
*****SOLD OUT*****

We would like to thank everyone who purchased our calendar this year and helped the pupsters. Stay tuned for our 2011 calendar!!

Peke A Tzu Rescue 2010 Calendar is here! This is our second year for the calendar and we hope to continue our calendar for many years to come. This year many of our adopted babies are featured in the calendar. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the calendar contest. Without your support the production of the calendar would not have been possible. We would like to acknowledge the following babies that are not featured within the 12 months.

On the front cover from left to right: Sophi, Dexter, Bernie, Anastasia, Jessie, Clint, Shimmer, Schatzie, Sebastian, Laya, Jett, Paris, Keegan and Andy On the back cover from left to right: Magnum, Kojac, Maudie, Nicky, Mavis, Portia, Jolynn, Parker & Peyton, Cami, Dugan, Juliana, Sissy, Chloe, Elle, Leo, Praline, Truffles, Wylee, Happy, Stella & Rudy, Oscar and Fritz.

We would like to share a preview of our calendar through our 2010 Calendar Slide Show.
*Please note that pictures and text are blurred a bit in the presentation, but will be crisp and clear within the calendar.

Each calendar is $15 including USPS First Class shipping within the US.
Please click on the above photo for more information and to order a 2010 Peke A Tzu Rescue Calendar.


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