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October 21, 2007
Peke A Tzu Rescue Pet Blessing

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Chaplain Keith & Jerry

Chaplain Keith & Brutis

Chaplain Keith & Joey

Chaplain Keith, Jerry, Joey & Brutis

Pernkins Baumgardner

Dee Dee DeLoy

Fabian DeLoy

Jenna DeLoy

Mac DeLoy

Maggie DeLoy

Muffin DeLoy

Puggy Marie DeLoy

Reggie DeLoy

Sinatra DeLoy

Skylar DeLoy

Sugar DeLoy

Timmy Sue DeLoy

Hope and Cagney Davidson and Archie

Judy, Dooley and Hope Davidson

Dick and Buster Davidson and Jewel

Judy Davidson and pupsters

Judy Davidson and Archie

Judy Davidson and Barney

Judy Davidson and Kado

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