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Q: What does UTD mean and are the dogs UTD on all vaccinations?

A: UTD means up to date on vaccinations.
Yes, all dogs are immediately vetted and brought Up To Date on all required vaccines.

Q: Are the dogs given Bordetella?

A: No, we leave that decision up to the adopter.

Q: Are the dogs neutered/spayed?

A: Yes, if the dog comes in not neutered/spayed an appointment is immediately set up to address this.
**NOTE exceptions: (1) Our vet will not neuter/spay a dog under 6 months of age so a
neuter/spay agreement is in effect for those adopted out under the age of 6 months.
(2) If the dog is in heat or has just weaned puppies there is an 8 week waiting period before spay.

Q: Are the dogs Heartworm tested?

A: Yes, and this is stated on all bios if they have tested Heartworm Negative**IMPORTANT: It is very important to have the dog retested within 3 months for even though they have tested HW negative, this does not guarantee that within 3 months they could not test HW positive.

Q: What kind of examination is each rescue dog given?

A: Our vet does a thorough examination of each dog and tries to evaluate all thoroughly to the best of his ability.

Q: How will I know when my dog is due for vaccinations, heartworm check, and heartworm preventative and flea protection?

A: All of this information will be supplied on paper when the dog is adopted.

Q: What happens if my newly adopted dog has latent health problems, i.e. luxating patellas, requiring expensive surgery. What is Peke A Tzu?s responsibility, if any?

A: We make every effort to thoroughly evaluate every dog health wise and try to take care of any medical issues that we feel are necessary before adoption. Should any health issues arise after adoption we will address them on an individual basis and make the proper determination at that time as far as financial responsibility on our part.

Q: Are there any Pet Care Insurance Programs that are available to us?

A: Yes, Petfinder has a program set up with that provides 2 months of FREE health insurance to all of our foster dogs. Please look at the link for details.

Q: What happens if my dog dies within a short time of adoption? What guarantees does Peke A Tzu Rescue make regarding the dog's health?

A: As in all walks of life, there are never any guarantees. We do the best we can to ensure that the dog leaves our rescue healthy and happy. Our fosters will have a final vet visit check up within a week of their actual adoption. We will provide the adopter with a health certificate signed by our veterinarian.

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