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Frequently Asked Adoption Process Questions

The answers to the following questions are strictly
Peke A Tzu Rescue's opinion and viewpoint which may
not be shared by all rescues. Frequently asked adoption
process questions are below, as well as links for other

Medical Questions

Rescue Questions

Fostering Questions

Application Process Questions

Q: What are the requirements to adopt?

A: The first step in the Adoption Process is the application.
Each application is dealt with on an individual basis.
We offer an online application and will gladly mail an
application to those that do not have internet access.

Q: How long does the application process take?

A: Our applications are processed by volunteers.
Depending on the volume of applications at any given time,
the process will begin within 5 to 10 days.

Q: Will you let me know when you receive my application and if I am in the “running”?

A: We respond to each applicant within 24 hours informing the applicant that we have received their application.
All applications for that particular dog will be processed before a decision is made.
This process could take several weeks.

Q: I sent an application to another rescue group and never heard anything back. Will your group keep me abreast of the status of my application?

A: Most definitely. You may receive a "getting to know you" phone call from one of our
volunteers who be happy to answer your questions regarding the status of your application process.
Our goal is to find wonderful homes for the dogs and one
of the most important aspects is good communication.

Q: We are a family that travels all over the United States in an RV, would you consider us for adoption?

A: Yes we would. We would of course go through the normal adoption procedure and would
ask specific questions pertaining to the traveling.

Q: What would prevent me from successfully adopting one of your rescues?

A: The majority of our adoption denials are due to lack of proper vetting of current pets and lack of fenced in area.
Also, decisions are based on your personal references and home visit.

Q: Why are you asking for personal references?

A: We need to know the person and who you are. Personal references are very important in
finding out whom the applicant is so that we can make a determination if this would be
a good home for one of our dogs.

Q: What types of questions will you ask my friends?

A: We ask basic questions such as relationship to applicant, length of relationship,
how they feel about the applicant in regards to pet ownership.

Q: What questions will you ask my veterinarian?

A: Is the pet up to date on all required vaccinations, have heartworm tests been done on a timely
basis, proper medications purchased, are the dogs on flea prevention, does the applicant pay their
bills promptly and would they advise placing a rescued dog with the applicant.

Q: What is a Home Visit and what can I expect during one?

A: We request digital photos of your home for our files. These photos are confidential and are never shared with anyone. We feel this is a less intrusive way of doing the Home Visit for many times those asked to do a Home Visit are strangers that we reach out to in the rescue world.

Q: Is the Home Visit completed before or after the vet/personal reference check? Why?

A: All references are checked first and then the digital photos are requested in lieu of a personal Home Visit. We determine if the applicant
is qualified first before continuing on to the final step.

Q: What if I am not approved to adopt the dog I want? Is there a chance I would qualify for another dog?

A: Most definitely if all personal references and vet references meet the individual dog's needs.

Q: Why is the adoption fee so high?

A: All dogs are fully vetted upon arrival. Our Adoption Donation per dog starts at $300.00.
There are exceptions to this which are stated in the bio for the dog. Please see our current foster
vetting costs at Foster Vetting Costs and note that the vetting expenses
on most of our dogs exceed $300.00. Copies of all vetting expense will be supplied to the adopter.

Q: Because this is an older dog would you take any less for the Adoption Fee?

A: Our Adoption Fees are not negotiable. The fee is meant to help cover the vetting costs
of all the dogs in our program. A 3 year old dog can come in and only need $250 worth of vetting
and have an Adoption Fee of $300. But then a 10 year old dog can come in and need
over $800 worth of vetting and have the same $300 Adoption Fee. We do not set the Adoption Fee according
to their vetting costs. Dogs over the age of 3 years old all have the same $300 Adoption Fee.
This helps us cover vetting for those babies that need more than others.
Regardless of age, all our babies get whatever medical attention they need. We hope that you now understand
why we cannot lower Adoption Fees because of age.

Q: Is the adoption fee refundable?

A: No. It is non-refundable.

Q: If we adopt a puppy what guidelines do we have to meet for neutering/spaying?

A: A date is determined by the rescue for spay/neuter.
A neuter/spay deposit is requested at time of adoption and is refunded when proof of neuter/spay
is supplied to the rescue.

Q: We haven't had a pet since we moved to this town so our vet reference isn't local,
nor is it recent. Is that okay?

A: We evaluate each application on an individual basis. We understand that applicant's may not have
had a pet in their lives for some time because of personal choices and may now be ready
to bring a dog into their lives. We then base our evaluation on personal references and the Home Visit.

Q: Can you send me additional pictures of the dog I am thinking of adopting?

A: In addition, we would love to once we have processed your application and you have met all qualifications.

Q: Can the rescue supply us with background on the dog we are interested in?

A: In some instances we can. If the dog is an owner turn in we do have access to some information.
The majority of the dogs come from shelters and puppy mills so their background
information is limited.

Q: Are we guaranteed that we will be allowed to adopt the dog that we have applied for?

A: No. We may receive numerous applications on one particular dog. We process all applications
on the dog before making a final decision. We make every effort to choose the applicant that best fit
the dog's needs.

Q: What is your adoption policy regarding out-of-state adoption?

A: We do adopt nationally, but request that the Adopter fly in or drive in to get the baby. We do request
pictures of the potential adopter's home when we cannot do the Home Visit personally.

Q: Do you ship your dogs? If so, what is the process?

A: No, we do not ship the dogs. We ask that the applicant either fly in or drive in to pick up the dog.

Q: Do you adopt to the elderly and families with children?

A: Yes, we review each application without bias and determine which dog will fit into the
applicant's environment. We do not adopt to a home with children under the age of 10.

Q: Can I adopt more than one dog from you at the same time?

A: We do have some arrivals that are bonded pairs and of course they are adopted together.
We would also be receptive to placing more than one dog with an applicant that meets
all application qualifications.

Q: How do you feel about “crating” or “kenneling”?

A: We do not crate nor kennel any of the dogs. They become part of our family when they arrive,
what is ours is theirs. We prefer that if the dog should need to be contained for short periods of time,
that the dog be gated in a small room such as the kitchen or bathroom.
We do, however, recognize that in some instances crating a young puppy may be necessary for short periods
of time, NO longer than 4 hours duration.

Q: Is a fenced yard mandatory in order to adopt?

A: Of course a fenced in yard is a plus. If we feel that a fenced yard is an absolute necessity
for one of the dogs this will be stated in their bio or during the adoption process.

Q: How do you feel about letting the dog out off leash once we trust him/her?

A: The dog must be on leash at all times or contained within a fence that is of proper height and size.

Q: What information do we receive when we adopt the dog?

A: Copies of all vetting records are provided and information sheet explaining foods, daily schedules,
likes and dislikes, habits etc.

Q: Do we need to bring a leash and collar for the dog?

A: No, we supply leash and harness.

Q: What kind of contact is maintained after the adoption?

A: Saying good bye to the dog is one of the most difficult parts of rescue. We maintain contact
by telephone or email for the first week, we then contact adopter once a week for 3 weeks and then
once a month for the remainder of the dog's life.

Q: What kind of support will we be given after adoption?

A: Our main concern is for the welfare of the dog. We can be reached by telephone or email at
all times and will do our best to answer any questions or concerns and will work tirelessly to make sure
that the transition from our home to the adopter's home goes as smoothly
as possible.

Q: What happens if the dog does not work out in our family?

A: We are very thorough in placement of dogs, but should this happen we would immediately bring
the dog back into our rescue family.

Q: What is the adjustment period for the dog?

A: We ask adopters to give the dog at minimum 2 weeks for adjustment, but there could be exceptions
to the 2-week period. If behavior is evident that the dog is not going to adjust after all avenues
have been exhausted then the dog will be returned to the rescue.

Q: What do we feed the dog?

A: The rescue will let you know what food the dog is currently eating and will supply you with 2-3
days of food when you pick up the dog.

Q: Do I make payment by check or money order and who do I make the check/money order payable to?

A: You can use check or money order, whichever is more convenient for you. At time of adoption we
have you make the check payable to Peke A Tzu Rescue.

Q: Since Peke A Tzu Rescue is a non-profit organization, is the cost of my adoption tax deductible? What about additional vet expenses?

A: No. When you receive a product or merchandise (in this case a dog) in return for a payment,
those monies are not tax deductible.

Q: What does Peke A Tzu Rescue expect from me after the adoption is complete?(communication, copies of vet bills, etc.)

A: We ask that you give your unconditional love to the dog and that you keep in contact with us
throughout the dog's life on a monthly basis. We also ask that you keep us informed of address
changes and veterinarian changes. All of these answers and more are addressed in the
adoption contract. We also would appreciate copies of vet bills to insure that the dog is kept up to date
on necessary vaccinations or we can also call your vet when vaccinations are due.

Q: If something should happen to us what responsibility does our family have to Peke A Tzu Rescue as far as the dog's well being is concerned?

A: Should something happen to the adopter the family members should immediately contact the rescue.
Should there be a family member who would like to adopt the dog, they will be required to go through
the adoption process. If they do not meet the adoption qualifications then the dog is to be returned
to the rescue.

Medical Questions

Rescue Questions

Fostering Questions

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