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Frequently Asked Fostering Questions

The answers to the following questions are strictly
Peke A Tzu Rescue's opinion and viewpoint which may
not be shared by all rescues. Frequently asked fostering
questions are below, as well as links for other questions.

Application Process Questions

Rescue Questions

Medical Questions

Fostering Questions

Q: What is fostering?

A: Fostering is taking a little one into your hearts and home and caring for he/she the same as if the dog was your own baby.

Q: How can we become foster parents?

A: An Application Process is necessary. We check vet records for current pets and ask for personal references. Once these qualifications have been met a Home Visit is scheduled.

Q: Will it be an issue if we have other pets in the household?

A: No, as long as the pets are up to date on vaccinations, neutered/spayed and are not too large, nor aggressive.

Q: Is it necessary to have a fenced area?

A: This is preferred, but not necessary.

Q: Do we need to be home 24/7?

A: Not necessarily, this would be discussed at time of application.

Q: Is it selfish of us to ask for certain limitations as far as fostering?

A: Definitely not. You will only be a successful foster parent if the dog you are fostering fits within your home and lifestyle. You can request size restrictions, breed restrictions, age restrictions and behavioral restrictions.

Q: Who is responsible for vetting?

A: The rescue takes care of all vetting expenses. Normally the dog will be brought directly to the rescue and all vetting will be completed before you bring the dog into you home.

Q: What if we have a medical emergency with the foster?

A: If the emergency is not life threatening, please make a quick call to the rescue first for authorization; otherwise, immediately take the dog to your vet and call the rescue once you know the dog is being treated by a vet.

Q: Do we have any financial responsibilities?

A: The only thing we ask you to contribute financially is food. If that is an issue, the rescue will be glad to supply the food.

Q: Who is responsible for grooming the dog?

A: You will be asked to take the dog to a reputable groomer within your area on a timely basis. The rescue will be more than happy to reimburse you for the cost.

Q: What if we find the foster is not adjusting well in our environment?

A: The rescue will immediately place the dog into another foster home.

Q: What kind of support will we get from the rescue?

A: We are here to answer any and all questions and will work with you on all issues with the foster.

Q: Will we be involved with the adoption process for our foster?

A: Definitely. You are the one that knows the dog the best and it is imperative in placing the dog that your input be an essential part of the placement.

Q: Would we be allowed to adopt any of our fosters?

A: Yes. If you are fostering you have met all qualifications and what better home could we find?

Q: If we adopt a foster, is the donation fee negotiable?

A: No, you would be required to pay the stated donation fee less the $50.00 which is for food and misc items.

Q: If we have a male/female marker what should we do?

A: We will cheerfully supply Belly Bands and Prissy Pants for your foster.

Q: Will we need to purchase leash and collar for our foster?

A: No, the rescue will supply leash and collar.

Q: Would we need to supply heartworm medication and flea protection?

A: No, the rescue will supply these medications.

Application Process Questions

Rescue Questions

Fostering Questions

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