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Frequently Asked Rescue Questions

The answers to the following questions are strictly
Peke A Tzu Rescue's opinion and viewpoint which may
not be shared by all rescues. Frequently asked rescue
questions are below, as well as links for other questions.

Application Process Questions

Medical Questions

Fostering Questions

Rescue Questions

Q: What is a "Rescue"?

A: A rescue is an entity that helps dogs that come from owner turn ins, shelters, puppy mills, or similar environments. It is the responsibility of the rescue to address all medical and psychological needs of the dog and take every step necessary to find the “right” home for the dog.

Q: How do we know that we are dealing with a reputable rescue?

A: There is good and bad in all walks of life. You should thoroughly check out any rescue with which you are involved. Ask for vet references and personal references. Also you can request that you speak to fosters and adopters for the rescue for additional information.

Q: How does the rescue operate financially?

A: Our rescue continues to operate through personal donations, gift shop sales, eBay sales and adoption donations.

Q: If I adopt, do I have the right to ask about the financial position of the rescue?

A: Yes, Peke A Tzu Rescue can provide a copy of the annual financial report.

Q: Are my donations tax deductible?

A: We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations during the 2004 calendar year and any future donations will be tax deductible.

Q: How can I make a donation?

A: You can make a donation through the website via Paypal or you can send a payment directly to Peke A Tzu Rescue's physical address.

Q: How will I know that you have received my donation?

A: If paid through the website an email will be sent immediately. If paid by mail a special “Thank You” letter will be sent to acknowledge your donation.

Q: Does the donation have to be monetary only?

A: No, we accept leashes, collars (any dog related items), phone cards, items to sell on eBay, gas cards, paper towels, food and more.

Application Process Questions

Medical Questions

Fostering Questions

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