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Peke A Tzu Rescue
Foster Journal

We thought all of you out there would like to see what happens here in our home so we decided we would pop in on occasion and let you know what we are doing. Some days it is just the same old routine, but other times we have a lot of excitement.
Each night as we settle down and climb into bed we gather close and say a prayer for all of the pupsters that are in need.

For those of you who may not have the opportunity to meet our pupsters we welcome you to
Visit our Sanctuary.

We hope you enjoy hearing about our activities and seeing a few pictures. The majority of the time you will see us happy, healthy and well groomed, but there is a significant cost involved to get each of us to this point which can be viewed at Foster Vetting Costs..
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November 1, 2017

Welcome to November everyone!! Turkey time is creeping up on us quickly…yum,yum..we can hardly wait. Well, Priscilla has found a new boyfriend. Poncho recently arrived and Priscilla thinks he is so handsome. She is so fickle sometimes. Poncho is blind, but he doesn't seem to know it. He navigates the house like a pro with Priscilla right behind him. She says he needs help, but we pupsters know she is only using that as an excuse to stay close to him. Another Pupster Love Story being written here!

November 4, 2017

What a wonderful day we had today! Auntie Judy and Auntie Carleen came for a visit and we all had so much fun. They played with us and Auntie Carleen even got down on the floor with us and of course we covered her with kisses. We received so much love and we returned their love with enthusiasm!

November 9, 2017

In June of 2002 there was a mill bust in the Grayling area. With clippers and other grooming supplies in hand myself and my sister went up to help remove matted coats, tend to eyes and ears and anything else that we could help with. The dogs had been housed in an 8 x 11 shed, cages stacked and as many dogs as could be put in one cage. This was our first face to face look at the ravages of the puppy miller. Unfortunately the authorities chose to allow the miller to place the dogs with "friends". By the time the "friends" had picked through the dogs the only ones still in need were the older dogs and those that had special needs and physical issues. We brought five of these babies home with us. All stayed within the family. Through this experience Peke A Tzu Rescue came into existence for we knew we had been called upon to help as many as we could.

Devas (Saved spelled backwards) left us at 10:32 this morning held closely in our arms. He was one of the unfortunate babies that was with this miller. It took over a month to convince Devas that he could lay down for he had only known backing into a corner and sitting up to sleep for there wasn't enough room in the cages. It was nearly four years before he realized he didn't need to run and hide whenever visitors arrived. By year six he actually started tossing toys in the air and thought the toys then were his and his alone. From then on it was uphill all the way. He loved everyone he met and finally his mind was rid of the horrors he had survived. Even in death he thought of us and saved us from making that dreaded call to the vet. Devas would have been 19 years old in January.

As the years passed we were reunited with several from this mill bust for the breeders, the "friends" of the miller began releasing them to us as they aged.
For all that are in rescue please continue to do what you do for there are so many like Devas that need us so.
Rest in peace our sweet "Teddy Bear Man".

November 15, 2017

Hi Everyone,
Anette here getting ready to leave for my Forever Home. My Mommy brought me this really cool, soft blankie and I have been glued to it since she arrived. I know I am leaving for a wonderful home, but am very, very nervous. Auntie Jan says not to fear for I am going to be so loved and spoiled. It is still difficult saying goodbye. I am going to miss all of my friends here, but my Mom said she would let me send pictures and emails. So off I go to this place called Connecticut and I am riding on an airplane…that ought to be interesting!

November 16, 2017

Hi Everyone,
We received some very sad news today. Jorja's Daddy left for the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly today. He loved Jorja very much and she thought he was the best Daddy any pupster could ever have.

Her Daddy was a commercial artist before he retired and sent us this beautiful portrait of Jorja a short time ago. We will treasure it forever. Please keep Jorja and her Mommy in your prayers as they go through this very, very difficult time.

November 16, 2017

Hi Everyone,
Hey everyone I am beside myself with joy!!!!! Nola here won the "Who are you going to adopt" contest today. Of course Mom says it is not a contest but a meet and greet. Let me tell you I gave it my all. You know a Forever Home was the prize and I was determined.

Luscious and Sydney did their best, but I crawled right into my Mom's lap for I knew she was the one for me. Sydney was playing "Catch Me If You Can"…her normal..silly girl and Luscious pooped on the floor..now that was impressive, but me? I was an absolute angel and it worked. My Mom fell head over heels in love with me. So I will be going to my very own home next week. I can hardly contain myself I am so excited!!!

November 23, 2017

Wow, what a wonderful day we had today. Lots of love and lots of food. We pupsters have a lot to be thankful for. We are cuddled, kissed and hugged to our hearts content. There is always someone here for us whenever we have a problem or just need to bark. Life could not be any better. After all of the good food and activity today we are absolutely exhausted! We hope all of you had as wonderful a Thanksgiving as we did.

November 28, 2017

Barley and Privet are totally exhausted. Neither realizes the other is any different size wise. It is quite the experience watching them play. Trust us pupsters…when we see Barley galloping through the house we all get out of the way except for Privet…he is fearless. We always breathe a sigh of relief when Barley finally tires out!

November 30, 2017

Well, here it is the end of November already. Arianne and Zandy have had a wonderful month. We experienced Thanksgiving and had so much fun. The turkey was pupstertastic! Next month looks like it is going to be even more exciting. Mom and Dad said there will be trees with shiny lights, presents under the tree, decorating cookies and so much more. Of course decorating cookies really got our attention. Wonder if they will be as tasty as the turkey. We can hardly wait…come on December!!!!!


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