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Peke A Tzu Rescue
Foster Journal

We thought all of you out there would like to see what happens here in our home so we decided we would pop in on occasion and let you know what we are doing. Some days it is just the same old routine, but other times we have a lot of excitement. We hope you enjoy hearing about our activities and seeing a few pictures. The majority of the time you will see us happy, healthy and well groomed, but there is a significant cost involved to get each of us to this point which can be viewed at Foster Vetting Costs..

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October 1, 2017

Welcome to October everyone! Prizzy here…I would like to introduce you to Flash. He is new to our group and very, very shy. Mom assigned me as his pupster partner and I am working very hard to convince him that everything will be just fine. Mom did ask me nicely not to teach him how to howl loudly when he wants attention and a few other habits I have. I assured her I would stick to the "Pupster Partner" guidelines to the letter!!

October 5, 2017

Today we said goodbye to our sweet JD who blessed our lives for 16 years with his crazy attics, love for all he met and the most wonderful kisses that he delivered with exuberance. We hope all of the pupsters are ready for him at the Rainbow Bridge...he will change their lives forever. We are going to miss him so much!

October 10, 2017

Fenton reporting in. It was so nice to see all of you this summer. Maybe Mom and Dad will make a trip again next summer. How do you like my new wheels? My little brother Sigge told Mom and Dad I really needed to ride along on the walks so here I am. Wow, this is great. Get to see everything going on in style. Bet you pupsters wish you were me!!!!

October 15, 2017

Mom you better come quick!!! Prince is pulling my ears again. Prechie here is getting really tired of his behavior. You need to do something about this.
He thinks it is funny!

You know I wanted my own Prince, but I thought he would be more of a lover….so much for dreams!

October 20, 2017

Mom, Dad and we pupsters received a wonderful gift from Auntie Katherine, Kiki and Yahtzee. This beautiful oil painting was done by an artist Auntie Katherine knows. What a wonderful tribute to all that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be reunited with other pupsters they know. Once again they become whole again and can romp and play as they wait for us to arrive.

We will proudly hang this painting in our adoption center for all to see.

October 25, 2017

Well, we pupsters have taught Zandy well. We informed her that Mom is addicted to the camera. We told her you can either run, hide or make faces. That is the only way to avoid all of these photo shoots. As you can see Zandy decided to stand her ground. We are so proud of her! She not only squinted her eyes which Mom really gets irritated with but stuck her tongue out at the same time!

October 28, 2017

Hi all of you pupsters! Dominique reporting in. Hey, being a New Yorker isn't all bad. I am being spoiled so much and lovin' every minute. Just thought I'd check in to let you know I am all ready for Halloween. Still trying to talk Mom and Dad into letting me go trick or treating, but no luck so far. Hope you have all of your costumes ready to go. I can only guess what some of you have come up with but know it will be unusual. Hugs and kisses coming your way!

October 31, 2017

Wow, the end of October already, but what a great day. Our sweet Pristine couldn't wait to fill her bag full of goodies.

We had so many wishing us a Happy Halloween and we wanted to share with all.

Paris and Phoebe enjoyed showing off their Halloween costumes.

Jodi and her sister Libbi were anxious to go trick or treating.

We hope all of the children and pupsters had a very safe Halloween and got more "Treats" than "Tricks".

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