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Welcome to Peke A Tzu Rescue's
Sanctuary for our Special Babies

We began our involvement in Rescue many years ago. As we took each needy baby into our home and hearts, we began to realize that we had more than enough love in our hearts, but just not enough room in our bed. We discussed what we felt we should do to continue helping those in need. We participated within another group for a short period of time, but felt that we could do more on a personal basis within the State of Michigan and Peke A Tzu Rescue came into being in 2003. We love not only the young, but the old - not only the healthy, but the special needs - not only the gentle, but the aggressive. Our hearts belong to all dogs in need.

Peke A Tzu Rescue provides a loving, caring environment for all of those that arrive. When the dogs come through our door they are part of our family - what is ours is theirs. They are never crated or kenneled, but are welcomed to our couches and beds with open arms. We immediately address any health issues and all are brought up to date on shots, heartworm tested and spayed/neutered. Then the most heart wrenching care begins. To let them know that they are loved and wanted, that each in their own are very special, to put light back in their eyes, to teach them to trust a human again. There is no better feeling than to see one of these babies take little steps toward being once again, a healthy, happy, loving being. The greatest reward is that first kiss, seeing the tail wagging, having beautiful eyes looking at you with total trust. This is what rescue is all about - loving, nurturing and helping these wonderful creatures become whole once again.

We realize that we cannot continue our mission forever, but have plans in place where a trust fund will be available to help small rescues such as ourselves with detailed instructions on how monies will be distributed and the criteria. There are many grants available, but unfortunately the funds are normally disbursed to large rescues and humane societies. We have experienced many disappointments over the years when we have been declined, but continue to promote our Gift Shop Items, eBay sales and of course the most important of all are our wonderful donators who recognize our mission in life and support the rescue.

We hope you enjoy your visit with us and seeing our babies special home.

A Road Built With Love
Lifeís road can sometimes be really rough,
And we learn to endure and become really tough.

We cope with the loneliness and despair,
And at times feel that no one truly cares.

We are resilient, brave and we believe that someone up above,
Will repave our rough road and cover it with love.

Suddenly out of nowhere people arrive to begin reconstruction,
And we watch in dismay as they dole out instructions.

They slowly begin to resurface our road with love, kindness and tears,
At first we are hesitant, but then we begin to draw near.

Patience, love and time finally bring our road to completion,
But there is one very important detail we neglected to mention.

Twas our rescue angels that built our new road for us,
So that we could leave behind our fears and distrust.

We now walk down our road paw in hand with our loved ones.
Our road is covered in so much love it canít even be measured in tons.

By Jan Collins ©

Front Entry
When you come to visit the pupsters you will enter through the gate to your left into their play area. The door in the picture has a built in doggy door for the babies to access their play area. They will greet you with enthusiasm and lots of slurpy kisses!

Entry Doors to Adoption Center & Quarantine Area
We provide a wonderful area for meet and greets when our babies have found their Forever Home. When new babies arrive they are quarantined for a minimum of 10 days to assure there are not any health issues which could affect the current babies in the rescue. They have a large area with lots of toys and soft beds during their quarantine.

Adoption Center
When our adopters arrive to pick up their special little one they enter into a loving, warm environment. This allows their initial meeting with their baby to be pleasant and comfortable. This is one of our babies most favorite rooms. They are not allowed daily access to this room for many have a tendency to tinkle here and there...:).

Bathing & Laundry Area
A great bathing area for our babies with a nice deep spacious sink. Of course this is not one of the more favorite areas of our babies. The washer and dryer are going constantly to keep everything clean for our little ones. A microwave to heat foods for the babies when necessary and cupboard space for all of the bathing necessities is also in this area.

Exit to Play Area
This is one of two doors with doggy doors that allows our babies to access their play areas. These doors are open throughout the day, but are closed at night to assure that all of the babies are safe.

Entry Door into Adoption Center
Looking across one room of sanctuary with access into the Adoption Center. The babies have full run of this room plus another. Spacious living quarters are available for all of the babies.

Play Area
This is our largest play area for the babies. They have access to three secured areas to romp and play in. They enjoy bathing in the sun, playing with their toys and chasing each other from one end to the other.

Wall Decoration
We make every effort to make the sanctuary feel like home to our little ones. We have many wall decals on several walls. The babies are surrounded by warmth and love.

One of Our Favorite Statements
There are so many wonderful poems and sayings in regards to our loving pets. This is one of our favorites and is posted on a wall in the Sanctuary.

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