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Peke A Tzu Rescue Slide Shows and Videos

We pupsters would like to share our slideshows and videos with all of you.
Professional they are not, but packed full of love they are!
Please make sure you turn your volume up.
We are also pleased to include videos shared by others with us.
See below for information on sending your video to us.

PATR Tribute to Those We Love***

Dancing with the Tractors*** Our Hawaiian Dancer*** Where's My Dinner?

Having Fun*** Playtime*** Laugh with Us

Christmas Time*** Plea to Obama and McCain*** Yorkie Love

Yorkie's at Play*** Puppy's At Play*** Poodle Dancing

Belly Band Parade*** Water Bottle Mania*** Chester's Story

Spud's Story*** Winston's Story*** Our Chantelle

Our Dahlia on Arrival*** Our Dahlia & Freedom Cart*** Our Jetta

Our Magic*** Our Ming*** Our Noodles

Our Nougat*** Our Saxon*** Our Shilo

Our Sydney*** Our Kori & Jett

If you have a fun video you would like to share with us
please send via email to info@pekeatzurescue.com
and we would be happy to add to our video library!

Tiki Boycotting Her Hair Dresser

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