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Peke A Tzu Rescue Candle Lighting Ceremony

Lighting A Candle
Our pets fill our lives with so much joy and parting is always so difficult.
A solitary candle brings light to the darkness.

Lighting a candle is a sacred ritual in many different traditions and religions.
The flickering candle is a symbol of hope and remembrance and ignites something deep within us.

We invite you to light a candle in memory of your beloved pet.
Please contact us with a short write up in remembrance of your pet and include a picture at least 800 pixels wide. Please email this information to Jan Collins at info@pekeatzurescue.com

If you would like to donate in memory of your beloved pet please donate via Paypal or send a check to the address below.
or mail a check to:
Peke A Tzu Rescue
PO Box 1
Trufant, MI 49347

A Parting Prayer
Dear God, please escort our beloved companions.

Assign them to a place of honor, for they have been faithful servants and have always done their best to love us.

Bless the hands that send them to you, for they are doing so in love and compassion, freeing them from pain and suffering.

Grant us the strength not to dwell on our loss and help us to remember the details of their lives with the love they have shown us.

Grant us the courage to honor them by sharing those memories with others.

Let them remember us as well and let them know that we will always love them.

Thank you for the gift of their companionship and for the time we’ve had together.

And thank you God,
For granting us the strength to give them to you now.


October 18, 2002 - December 16, 2014

Our beloved Maia, a beautiful little girl with such big character. You brought joy and laughter into our lives every day for the past six years. So smart and full of life. You were not suppose to leave us that day. The moment you were gone our hearts ripped to pieces. One part filled with heartache and the other forever gone with you. We think of your beautiful spirit and how you loved to play peek-a-boo. I still see you lying in bed and feel your presence as you cozied up to me each night . Our memories bring heartache that won't go away. You are forever deep within our hearts. Until that joyous day arrives when we are together again in this life or in some other place, our precious Maia we love and miss you more and more with each passing day.


January 9, 2011 - June 12, 2013

You came into our family, little angel, with joy and a sweet touch.
We didn't know your time with us would be so short and not enough.
How lucky we were to have such a sweet boy bring sunshine into our hearts from the moment we met.
I can still feel you nestled in my lap with your head tucked under my arm. Your favorite place to take a nap.
When we look up at the sun we think of you and how you loved to lay outside with its rays upon you.
Remembering you is easy, we do it everyday, but missing you is heartache that never goes away.
You will always be close to our heart and there you will remain.
Until that joyous day arrives when we are together again in this life or in some other place,
our sweet Cubbie boy we love you so much.


April 24, 2001 - December 18, 2014

You loved your daddy so much-you sat with him on his chair, giving comfort.
When you weren't with him, toys were the next love of your life.
I miss you so much Kori, you were one sweet dog.
Rest in peace sweet girl.


April 13, 1996 - March 28, 2013

Sammi arrived at our home as a 3 pound bundle of fluff when she was six weeks old. She was with us all of her life and passed away in her home, in her own bed on March 28, 2013.
From the day she entered our lives it was obvious she was a special little girl. She loved everybody whether they had two legs or four, she did not know a stranger. She loved to play with her toys, but she had a couple of favorites; her ragged raccoon tail which she joyfully brought to you when she wanted to play, or her teddy bear, which was as big as she was when she arrived at our home.
Sammi was not a barker, although she had the cutest bark when she wanted a treat or wanted to get our attention. Sammi’s other unique way of getting our attention was to sneeze. Even our veterinarian marveled at the way she would sneeze if she wanted something.
She was beautiful, with the sweetest disposition. She was patient, loving and lovable. My favorite time of day was early in the morning when Sammi and I got up, sat down in a rocking chair with her on my lap as I read my Bible. She curled up in a little ball, contented as could be.
She went everywhere with us and she is missed so very much. She was my best friend, my confidante and my little angel all rolled into one.
I thank God for the gift of 17 years with her.
Nancy and Joe Gaffney


October 1, 1994 - January 7, 2012

My sweet Laya, you gave me seven wonderful years of happiness. I miss snuggling close to you and you will forever be in my heart. You were Grandma's favorite and she spoiled you when we went for a visit. Your mischievous side made us laugh, especially when you would "steal" the cats' toy mouse and toss it in the air then race to grab it before the cats got it again. You gave the best kisses and loved going for rides in the car. It didn't matter as long as you were by my side. You were my constant companion and I miss you so much.
Forever Mom


June 10, 2001 - July 10, 2011

When Jan at Peke A Tzu Rescue said that she had a beautiful black Pom who was from a very rough puppy mill, she had been abused and was full of fear, we did not know that this beautiful sweet little girl would capture our hearts unexpectedly. Noela joined our family on November 1, 2008. She was just 8 years old and was very fearful and did not come too close. We gave her love and patience. Little did we know how much she would blossom and give us back. She was no longer running away and her beautiful tail was wagging with joy. She finally knew she was loved and she gave more than love back to us. She loved to be near you. She loved her kissy time with Zoie. She loved going to the office. She loved being outside on the deck. She loved her chewies. Never a growl, always a sweet look on her face. She would nuzzle your hand when she wanted to be loved. She is so missed and has left a large hole in our hearts. Please God let her be safe and not afraid. Keep her loving spirit alive. Her 2 years and 8 months in our home was cut short by an illness she did not deserve. She was surrounded by love and affection each day. She is an Angel that deserved to be happy and loved. Noela thank you for the joy you gave to us.
We love you our sweet baby and we will see you again someday in some other place.


July 9, 1998 - July 29, 2010

The first time I saw Tulip I was bowled over by her size; a tiny tzu!
But what she lacked in size, she made up for in personality! What a dog.
She was only 8 lbs, but she thought she was a Rotweiller, and that always made me laugh!
If I didn't get her food on quick enough, she would let me know by her bark. Her best day included many visits to her toy box, and sitting on my lap of course.
God speed my sweet Tulip, till we meet again at the bridge.

Ling Ling & MaeLi

March 1, 1990 - March 27, 2006
October 8, 1991 - April 27, 2004

Ling-Ling came into our life through a rescue organization. When we saw her picture, we knew she was ours. Ling-Ling was about 9 yrs old when we picked her up and she lived to be 16 yrs old. She was a quirky little dog who "loved to unwrap" any gift that was wrapped! We miss you Ling-Ling!
Coming right on Ling-Ling's heels was our sweet Mae-Li, also a rescue baby. While she was only with us 2 1/2 years, she was a dog who didn't expect much out of life; just a few square meals a day and a bed to lay in. Mae-Li was a Daddy's girl and although she didn't like to run, she ran when she saw her Daddy going outside to his shop. She knew a treat awaited her there. We both miss our unassuming, but much loved Mae-Li.
Ling-Ling and Mai-Li, you will remain in our hearts forever.


July 4, 1993 - May 9, 2008

My very best friend. Six months later, new puppy later (I knew you'd not want me to be alone). She's a Shih Tzu female, black and white, just like you were, but sooooooo different! She chews! She always wants to play. I don't remember you being so energetic, but you probably were. But, thank you for never chewing on furniture! This new one does! "New one" is named Mylo.
Mitzy, I miss you so much. I think about you every day. People talk about the "unconditional love" that a pet gives. As you know, I was 23 before I ever had my first pet so I really didn't know what they were talking about before you came along. Thank you so much for loving me with all of my faults. I hope they have Christmases in doggy heaven and Santa brings you Beggin' Strips.
Happy Holidays, Mitzy. I'll always love you.


July 10, 2001 – September 13, 2008

Kody came into our lives very unexpectedly,and very quickly in July of 2008. He was a huge,tattered,smelly mass of matted hair. He had survived, his other two companions did not. He was no longer needed. How can humans be so cruel???
It didn't take long to fall in love with the little guy, except for his new sister, Pickles (but that is the" Yorkie thing" in her taking over). But she soon gave in and they became walking buddies and played tug of war and wrestling.
Kody was a happy go lucky little guy and I loved him. He'd run around, always with a toy in his mouth. There was always a toy trail from the living room to the kitchen and to the back door,and when he decided that I'd slept enough he'd pull the blanket right off from me!
As quickly as he arrived into our family,is as quickly as he left us,so unexpectedly. He blessed us for two months and 3 days.
Kody has taught me something...it seems if you sit back and think...animals always teach us something. For me it was life is given and you don't know how long you have, so forget the past of regrets and pain,and look to the blessings that you now have and live life to the fullest!! Throw some toys around and pull off some covers!! It seems so much easier for dogs to do, and harder for humans to grasp!! Kody was living proof of that!!!!
Having Kody was the happiest 2 months (sometimes trying) that I have had and I trust he had a nice time with us.
Kody is truly missed ..........With much love and and too few memories, BUT great ones!


August 31, 2000 to October 30, 2008

If Tears could build a Stairway, Memories a Lane, I'd Walk right up to heaven, And bring you home again.


June 30, 1992– July 1, 2008

Do you remember when you first arrived and you would not allow us to touch you, but you loved to go for rides? For three months I would lure you out to the car so I could at least feel your soft body as I lifted you into the car until you caught on to me. After about 9 months you would at least allow a few pets and cuddles. What a joy it was to be able to hold you close for brief moments!
Your knickname at the vet was Kujo...so much anger packed in such a little body. And oh, what an experience at bath time and grooming. As the years passed I didn't have to dodge the bites as often and little by little you mellowed and realized how much we truly loved you.
Faint scars remain from your bites, but I touch them tenderly for they were a part of you. Your first kiss was the greatest present we have ever received.
Though there were many difficult days, you filled our lives with joy our Sweet Kina. We shall meet again in a much better place.
We Will Love You Forever.


September 26, 1994 – June 1, 2007

It has been over a year and a half since you traveled to the Rainbow Bridge. Our hearts still ache each day for you. You were such a special little girl who filled every single one of our days with so much happiness.
How we wish we could feel your sweet kisses once again, see your happy butt, hear you talking to us the way only you could and feel your warm body next to ours.
We light this candle in remembrance of one of the most wonderful, loyal and loving companions anyone could have had in their lives.
Know that you will never be forgotten and will be loved through eternity.

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