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There are so many wonderful poems and quotes that have been shared with us throughout the years and we would like to in turn share them with all of our friends. If you have a favorite poem or quote that is not listed please feel free to send it to us. We would love to add to our library.
10 Commandments Of A Pet Owner
A Dog's Prayer
A Gift
A Rescuer's Creed
Dear Foster Mom (Dad)
Dogs and Heaven
Dog Heaven
Dog Parent
A Dog's Soul
Glimpse of Rainbow Bridge
Gone to Rainbow Bridge
How Could You?
I Am An Animal Rescuer
I Awake
I Can Not See You
If Not For You
I Only Wanted You
I Stole Your Dog Today
I Stood By Your Bed Last Night
Lend A Pup
Let Me Stay
Letters To A Dog
Little Pieces
May I Go Now?
A Message From Your Pet
Message To My Master
My Dog
My Foster Dog is Beautiful
No More Tears
Not An Angel
One By One
Only A Dog
A Pet's Prayer
Precious Pet Time
Rainbow Bridge
Rescue Angels
Rescued Dog
A Rescue's Thank you
She Cannot Say Good-Bye
Special Friend
Thank you for this foster
The Dance
The Happy Pet's Bedtime Prayer
The Last Battle
The Litter
The Reason
The Rescue Dog
The Rescuer's Quilt
Time To Go
To My Foster Mom
Two Lost Souls
Walk With An Old Dog
Welcome at Rainbow Bridge
When I Am Old
Your Pets in Heaven

We would like to share the following poems with all of you in tribute to the precious foster and forever pupsters in our lives.
A Champion I Will Always Be
A Road Built With Love
A Walk Down Memory Lane Together
Be True To Those You Love
Blind Love
Brotherly Love
Crossing Together
Daddy's Girl
Early Goodbyes
Family Ties
Forgive Those That Do Not Understand
Free At Last
Freed From Pain Forever
Free To Love Again
I Will Never Be Alone Again
It Was A Long Way Home
Left Alone to Grieve
Left To Die
Listen Closely
Love Is All I Need
Loved Briefly but Unconditionally
Loved For Just Being Me
My Special Garden
My Stay Was Too Brief
My True Rescue Friend
Never Give Up
Oh, If I Only Could Have Stayed Longer
Our Angels Have Left Us
Our Brave Little Man
Our Golden Girl
Our Most Precious Jewel
Our Special Gift from God
Our Sweet Magician
Our Sweet Teddy Bear
Please Fulfill My Dream
Please Save Me!
Prancin' and Dancin'
Puppies Are Not Forever
Resident Of Your Heart
Seniors Need Love Too
So Much Love in Such a Small Package
Special Treasures
The Face Of An Angel
The Rockman
The Stars Above
There Is Always Love Awaiting Us
There Is Someone Waiting To Love You
The Twelve Months Of The Year
To Whom It May Concern
Two Wonderful Years
Unforgivable Sin
Vehicle of Happiness
We Are The Seniors and Special Needs
You're Never Too Old To Be Loved
We Do Not Ask for Much

We feel blessed that God led us into rescue. We have learned so much about arthritis, nutrition, seizures, bladder and kidney disease, heart disease, skin problems, chronic ear infections, diabetes, etc.

We have also learned that our precious pupsters can overcome many behavioral issues with education, a lot of patience, understanding and love.

We would like to share some helpful websites with our friends. Please see the below links for Dog Health and Behavior.

With the recall of many commercially made dry and canned dog foods, we have many dog guardians asking about nutrition. We compiled the information at Nutrition.

Important: Please discuss these articles with your veterinarian before making any changes in your dog's medical care, diet, or daily regimen.

Dog Health
Animal CPR
Pet Arthritis Resource Center
Joint Supplements- Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM
Food Allergies
Human Foods that Poison Pets
Dental Disease in Pets
Dental Anatomy of Dogs
Onions and Garlic are Toxic to Your Pet
Plants that are Toxic to Your Pet
Poisonous Flowers and Plants Can Harm Your Pets
Weight Loss Diet
Canine Immune System
Reading Laboratory Results
Heartworm Disease
Heartworm: The Parasite
Heartworm Preventatives Comparison
Canine Epilepsy
Blue Power Ear Treatment
Function of Dog Shampoo Ingredients
Mar Vista Animal Medical Center
T-Touch Therapy
Green Hope Farm Flower Essences
Vestibular Disease
Vestibular Syndrome
Vet Technicians Education for Tomorrow's Vet Techs

Dog Behavior
Pet Proofing-Keeping Your Yard and Home Safe for your Pet
Who's in Charge Here? A Lesson in Becoming Alpha
Teaching Your Aggressive Dog Deferential Behavior
Positive Reinforcement
Canine Rivalry
Dog Aggression
Possession Aggression
Food Aggression
Barking: A Common Behavior Problem
Housetraining a New Puppy
Copraphagia (Stool Eating)
Puppy Bitng & Nipping
Puppy Chewing Problems
Separation Anxiety

Dog Grooming
Grooming Your Shih Tzu
How To Make A Simple Casual Top Knot
Grooming Your Pekingese

Canine Legal Rights
Anti-Cruelty Statutes by State
Pet Trust
Dog Bite Law
State By State Guide to Moving with Pets

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