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Special Needs Furbabies

We open our arms wide to the blind, the deaf, the deformed and the old,
In return we are showered with unconditional love as they come into our fold.

Yes, they are "Special" and yes, they are in "Need",
But what they give back to us ten-fold in love is a lesson we should heed.

They teach us so much about loving and caring,
They help us realize that love is all about sharing.

Our lives are filled with all kinds of emotion,
These special need babies teach us all about devotion.

These wonderful creatures only ask for a small amount of our loving touch,
So please open your hearts, you will be blessed many
times over because you have loved them so much.

by Jan Collins© and dedicated to all Special Needs kids.

Thank you for visiting our website and stopping in to see what
"Special Needs" are all about.

In January of 2004, I was living with 30 plus dogs in
wretched conditions outside of Cordele, Georgia where
breeding was the name of the game. My prior owners were
each charged with 36 counts of cruelty to animals.

I was 3 years old and blind when these wonderful people
arrived on the scene and helped all of us. Each of us
had many issues, but everyone was so very loving -
they held us, told us not to be afraid and helped
heal our poor broken bodies and souls. Because of
my blindness, a plea went out to help me in the
Cordele Georgia Dispatch, for unfortunately many
pet owners do not want a blind dog. During this
time a wonderful lady, Denise Youngblood, took
care of all of my medical needs and nurtured and
loved me until I could find my Forever Home.

Many people took part in helping me get to my
wonderful home in Michigan and I am now loved
and cherished beyond measure. My Mom and Dad,
Step Sisters and Brothers treat me just like
everyone else, they do not seem to mind at all
that I need extra help for my everyday needs.
I bestow my wonderful slurpy kisses every chance
I get, give my wonderful Pekey snort which gets
me almost anything I want. I am so happy and content.

I hope that everyone out there will benefit from my
story. Hopefully any of you reading this will consider
some of my other soul mates that are in need of a home.
It just takes a little bit of your loving time to help
someone such as me to live a normal, happy life.

A Special Kiss from Me to You,


Sinatra Sinatra
Sinatra, my sweet little Pomeranian came into my life in May, 2007. I met Sinatra in October, 2006 when we drove to Michigan to Jan’s to adopt Dee Dee and Reggie. I had seen him on the website and thought he was even more darling in person. After getting back home with these two angel babies I could not get little Sinatra out of my mind. All I could see was his beautiful blue eyes and his beautiful cinnamon coat with his white leggings and feet. He looked just like a miniature Palomino Horse. Well, what do you think happened...I just knew I had to have him too. I knew he was a special needs baby, but then most of my Babies are, so that was nothing new.
Sinatra had a lack of oxygen during birth or it could have been congenital that resulted in a movement disorder and vision disorder. This loss of muscle control and motor activity is termed cerebral palsy which is caused by an abnormality in or to the cerebrum. Sinatra has a lack of coordination, exaggerated reflexes and has difficulty with vision. His eyes don’t focus on what you are holding in front of him. In spite of these afflictions he has so much personality and character!! He is a Character. I enjoy watching him romp from one end of the yard to the other.
We have developed a little game with him. You tap him on the back of the head with a little noise and he is up and at it...jump, hop, twirl (everything short of a somersault) with all the barks and whistles. When he walks he looks like the little Palomino Horse in parade form.
He cannot take food directly out of your hand. His eyes are above the item you are holding and he can’t focus in on it. Put it in the flat of your hand and hold it under his mouth (nothing is wrong with his nose) and he can zone in on it. Even though his eyes don’t focus straight ahead, he does see..even when he’s running to the door before you get it completely open.
Sinatra has jumped and barked his way into my heart and I love him dearly. He is a joy to be around. What a lesson to learn from these little ones. No matter what afflictions or issues they have they contribute to our lives and make it all worth living. They are truly the poster children, oops, poster pupsters for “Unconditional Love”. Sinatra is my happy, little “Jumping Jack” or is it Sinatra from the “Rat Pack”??? TeeHee
Marilee, Forever Mom

Dexter Dexter
Single white male, four legged, extra long pink tongue, a little flop-eared, looking for love, 2 squares a day and companionship. Respondent need not be pretty….I am blind, but if you let me lie in your lap and rub my floppy ears I will know you are beautiful. You don’t have to be rich because a little understanding and compassion will buy you unconditional love and devotion. When you want company on a walk, I’ll be there. When you’ve had a long day, I’ll greet you with a wagging tail and barks of delight, there will be no doubt that you were missed. When you want to relax and watch a little TV or read a book, hey, I’m your guy…I can snuggle with the best of them! Sure, we’ll have an adjustment period, me getting use to you and you to me, but, in the end there will be love!
This easily could have been the ad Dexter wrote and I answered. It’s been eight months, our adjustment period is over and I’m absolutely smitten by him. Dexter is the best gamble I ever took and the regret I’ll never have. Most of Jan’s babies have had sad beginnings but it’s what happens next that really counts. Jan does an unbelievable job of saving these precious creatures, first from whatever deplorable condition they are in and then by devoting time and patience to acclimating them to a good life. So that this very important work can continue they must love them, mend them and bravely let them go. Only then does the opportunity exist for people like me to welcome home a wonderful companion. If you are thinking of expanding your family by adding a fur baby I urge you to consider a special needs little boy or girl and to trust the Peke A Tzu Rescue adoption process to help place the right special baby with you. My husband and I adopted two Maltese boys within days of each other who are very close in age. Dexter was 17 months old and a special needs boy from PATR and Sammie, who had just turned 2, a regular little guy losing his home in South Carolina due to his mom’s heavy work schedule. Sammie is a “perfect” physical specimen. Dexter is also a “perfect” physical specimen (he looks like he was born to the show ring when he trots along the beach!) who happens to be blind. They eat the same food, run, walk, play, love, sleep, snuggle, all in a like manner except for the natural differences in their wonderful personalities. They require virtually the same care with only slight modifications to accommodate Dexter’s lack of sight. Having the opportunity to observe these two little guys together on a daily basis, I can definitively say there is very little difference in the care needed to keep Dexter and Sammie healthy and happy. And seeing them healthy and happy makes me very happy and probably healthier.
If you do decide on a special needs dog or just a special dog that needs a home, please use a rescue agency. Breeders will continue to breed in excess, casting off the collateral damage until WE dry up the demand for the “doggie in the window” of the puppy store. The ultimate alternative is Peke A Tzu Rescue! This is such a simple and rewarding way to make a difference in our world.
Linda, Forever Mom

Stella Stella
What can I say about my precious senior? After adopting Rocky from PATR in 2004 our love and joy for him sent us back to PATR because I wanted to give a senior/special needs baby a forever home. They didn’t know much about Stella except that a kind person found her on the street, grossly under weight and with only one eye. She was with PATR for almost one year when we adopted her. She was timid and suspicious and would not let my husband near her (hence we believe she may have been abused by a man). She developed inflammatory bowel disease and will be on medication the rest of her life – they don’t know much about what causes IBD but that diet and stress play a big factor. Stella has blossomed into the most precious family member. She is now approximately 10 years old going on 2. She runs through the house and the yard with abandon. She plays and spars with her “pack” like there is no tomorrow. She is at a wonderful healthy weight and having one eye has never impeded her whatsoever. And the most wonderful thing? She bravely goes to my husband for pets and treats, she no longer runs from him and allows him to pick her up and cuddle her. When I dispense her medication each day, I think “what a small thing to do for the joy she brings us”.
I encourage all out there to consider a senior and/or special needs baby, I believe they make the most special and loving family member. My heart fills with joy knowing that perhaps the first half of her life was not pretty but her final years will be filled with safety, security and more love than she could ever hope for.
Forever Mom and Dad, Jim and Nita
P.S. Our family was complete last summer when Jim and I drove to PATR to bring home Sophi – an 8 lb., 8 month old Shih Tzu puppy with more energy than the energizer bunny – she can out run our Stella but Stella knows she is still the “Queen”. We adopted our wonderful Cock-a-poo Rudy from the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society so that makes four happy babies! I keep telling my husband that they are cheaper by the dozen but he’s not buying it!

Ozzy Ozzy
My name is Ozzy and I was born blind and living in Indiana where I was kept to be bred because of my beautiful colored coat. The breeder decided not to breed me after all and my Angel, Jan found me. She had me for a year and still had not found a home for a blind dog. My retinas are detached, my father was blind too, but that didn't stop the breeder from passing on his disease. All that is in the past. My mom lost her 12 year old Maltese boy February 2006 and was beyond grief. Three months later after many calls and emails to Jan, Mom could not make up her mind about who to adopt. She told Jan that she and my brother Oliver would have to choose another baby for Mom. They did, but at the last minute Jan asked Mom to consider me. Well, Mom is such a pushover, here I am. Sadly Mom lost her second Maltese Oliver in December 2006. She told me that if I was not here in this home she would have just cried daily. She still does. She misses her two little white boys horribly. But I give her lots of slurpy Pekie kisses and I am so laid back she calls me her "Unwinder". I lay in her lap and snore. She laughs at me and says that to hear me snore is one of the most relaxing sounds. She always asks me, "Ozzy, who enjoys a nap more than you?" Funny, she elbows Daddy when he snores. She must really love me! tee hee
When Mom is busy, my Dad plans his busy day around me! When they have to go out on business, my Auntie Dorothy comes over and spends time with me. So many people in my life, they all love me and take such good care of me. Mom says I am a little more work than a sighted dog what with having to be watched carefully. Mom never moves furniture around so I always know where I am. I have two rocking chairs that I love to curl up under. Mom calls her kitchen the "Food Dance Cafe" because when she warms my food and puts some special dry food mixed in I do this dance. My long hair fly's and it is the only time anyone ever hears a peep, oops, bark out of me. I never bark.
So you see, I thought I really needed to tell some of you wonderful people out there who have some reservations about a special needs furbaby, not to worry. We special babies have our own little ways of telling you how much we love you for taking us into your homes and heart. Lots of people out there don't care about babies so much, that's why Jan really needs you good people with an empty place in your lives to fill it up with a beautiful pair of brown eyes adoring you...even if we can't see you, we see your heart.
Oh yes, one last thing, Jan told Mom that I was house trained and liked to be groomed. You can trust every word from Jan, cause I have never had an accident in Mommy's house or anywhere else. I'm such a good boy!
Lots of Love,

Isabel Isabel
At Christmas, 2005, I decided I wanted to have another Pomeranian. I found myself on the internet searching rescue organizations for senior babies. In the past, I had 5 Pomeranians, Buffy, Puffy, Scruffy, Muffin and Jamie. Muffin was my last one to go to Rainbow Bridge at age 16. Prior to Muffin leaving me, I loved and enjoyed my Himalayan Cats. I had 10 Himalayan Cats. Taffy and Bunny lived to age 22. They went to Rainbow Bridge April 12 and 30, 2006. After looking at the website for rescue babies, I found my sweet, little Pomeranian. Isabel at Peke A Tzu Rescue. Isabel was 12 years old and the most beautiful little pommie with gorgeous, loving eyes. She was a puppy mill baby who lived in a huge box never seeing the beautiful scenery and sun that God created. She was rescued by PATR. Thank heaven for this dedicated rescue service who takes in with open, loving arms, these needy babies. Isabel was such a loving, happy little sweetie with so much love to give. She developed liver problems and believe me I would have done anything in the world for her and I tried. She went to Rainbow Bridge after 6 treasured months with her. I would not ever trade them. She made me a better person for loving me and showing it even though she was so sick. She never lost that forever love in her eyes.
Marilee, Forever Mom

Skyler Skyler
I hurried to get my little Skyler shortly after Isabel left me. Skyler is the most beautiful, little 10 year old Pekingese girl you could hope for. She was shown in an AKC Dog Show.
She later developed sarcoptic mange. Her owners got rid of her. She does not have the mange any longer but battles with candida albicans (yeast). She is a senior and special needs baby in that I am on a mission to rid her of this beast! I am trying different things with her topical and internal. We are succeeding. Yeah, Yeah. Her skin is returning to a pick shade instead of black and the skin has stopped peeling off like a sunburn. She is worth it and is so devoted and loving beyond belief. She has a quiet and sweet disposition that you would never know she had been suffering. She is my little statue, as she can sit forever in the same position when you hold her..just like when she was showing.
Marilee, Forever Mom

DeeDee DeeDee
We drove to the Peke A Tzu Rescue in Michigan to get DeeDee, my little 3 year old black Pomeranian. She had been turned over by a breeder because she wasn’t producing her puppies. She was beautiful and I wanted another Pom. However, when PATR got her she was scared to move and was very nervous. She was a special needs baby in that she needed extra, extra, tender loving care and reassurance that she was loved. She would run and hide and it took lots of patience and love to bring her around. She will now come running to go outside when I call her and she will come when I’m sitting down on the sofa watching TV. Other times, I have tried even crawling on my knees to get to her. She is improving and has even given me some Pommie kisses and twirls to which I am overjoyed. She used to get that look in her eyes of a "deer caught in the headlights". Now I actually see love there and trust. It will take time, but watching her let her personality out little by little makes my heart cry with joy.
Marilee, Forever Mom

Tulip Tulip
I had a chance meeting with a group of rescue ladies and Miss Tulip was there. She was being fostered and had been brought to the meeting. As I watched her antics I thought to myself; what a neat little dog, so feisty and full of life. I didn't notice at first that she only had one eye, the other had been lost to an infection.
Let me tell you about Miss Tulip. She is about 7 yrs. old and a 7 1/2 lb spitfire who thinks she is really a 75 lb. dog! She guards our house with great fervor and lets us know if anything is out of place. On her off hours she plays and tosses her toys with great joy and abandon. Life for her is good and having only one eye doesn't bother or slow her down. What a dog!
Please try and look beyond any dog who might only have one eye or maybe a limp, their heart is certainly in the right place and the tail will wag just as hard as any other dog. I am so glad that Miss Tulip is my dog; as I said before: what a dog!
Marg, Forever Mom

Tye-Tye Tye-Tye
HELLO!! MY NAME IS TYE (TYE-TYE to all of my loved ones).
In August of 2002 I was rescued with 52 other furbabies.
We were housed in an 11 by 8 foot shed, stacked in crates 5 high with 3 to 4 dogs in each crate. I had a life threatening hernia, both ears had allergic welts and both of my eyes were covered in black pigment, not to mention flea infestation and filth covering my body.
Because of the eye trauma I am on eye meds for the rest of my life and we hope that I can retain the vision I have(which is kind of like looking through a window that has been covered in bird droppings), but it is possible that I will go totally blind eventually. I am a sweet, sweet handsome black Tzu who is overflowing with love for everyone around me.
I would like to thank my Mom, Jeanine for faithfully giving my eye drops to me 4 times a day in hopes of saving what little sight I have left. I let her know each and every day by giving her the best Shih Tzu kisses around!
Being loved and cared for in Brohman, Michigan

Noel Noel
Noel was adopted from an animal rescue group and her background is unknown. One eye had been surgically removed and the other eye never fully developed. Despite being blind, Noel is a happy, bouncy little Pekingese. She likes to run around the yard and play with her doggy siblings.
We love her dearly,
Forever Mom and Dad
Michelle and John

Petey Petey
Petey is a blind 3 year old Labrador retriever who went unclaimed at the dog pound even though his owners were notified of his whereabouts. Luckily an animal rescue group bailed Petey out and we adopted him to be our companion and walking partner. Despite his vision loss, Petey has proven to be a wonderful companion and loves long walks and playing with his toys. Please consider a Special Needs Baby.
Forever Mom and Dad
Michelle and John

If you have a Special Needs Baby please feel free to send us your story and pictures so that we can share with everyone who visits our website.

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