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The recipe below is vet approved for adult dogs. We do ask that you discuss the recipe or any other dog food changes with your veterinarian first. With the scare of the industrial chemical melamine in the wheat gluten from China, we decided to share our home made dog food recipe with others. We also need to consider that the wheat gluten in dog treats could be a risk as well, so we added our list of favorite dog treats.
The protein source (beef, chicken, turkey, etc.) needs to vary as do the veggies. Green veggies such as kale, okra, broccoli, green beans, and turnips should be rotated as well. Remember that broccoli and spinach need to be given in moderation. The most important balance in the home cooked diet is the calcium and phosphorus, requiring twice as much calcium as phosphorus. Information on Home Made Dog Food.

Any change in your dog's diet can cause diarrhea. If your dog is not currently taking a digestive enzyme, you may want to consider adding Prozyme to your dog's food each day. If you have a senior pet, we ask that you consider giving a glucosamine supplement such as Glyco-Flex. We have experience with dogs with food allergies and please let us know if your dog has food allergies, so we can make some additional suggestions to help you and your little angel.

Sample Dog Food Recipe

4 lbs. of ground turkey (browned & drained)
1 can sliced beets including liquid
1 1/2 cup frozen or fresh cut green beans
1/2 cup brown rice (cooked)
1/2 cup pearl barley (cooked)
2 large yellow squash or 3 - 4 small squash (cubed)
5 organic carrots (sliced or shredded - about 1.5 cup)
1 sweet potato raw - cubed or shredded
1/2 cup fresh or 1 can shitake mushrooms including liquid
2 cups fresh kale broken into small bites

Put 1 1/2 cup of (distilled) water in a 5 quart crock pot and add the following ingredients:
cooked rice
cooked barley
squash - cubed into small pieces
beets - sliced into smaller pieces
green beans
turkey - browned and drained

Cook all of the above ingredients on low for about 2 hours.  Check to make sure it has just enough water to keep it moist but not soupy.  We have tried the ground turkey breast one time and did not like it as much as the ground turkey (which must include the dark meat.) Stir the food about every 30 minutes to keep it from sticking to the side of the crock pot.
IMPORTANT: This recipe was given to us by our holistic veterinarian. Our holistic vet said that their diet requires twice as much calcium as phosphorus so you will need to add 5800 mg of Calcium Citrate (without vitamin D) to the entire crock pot and stir well.
This should give you 12 cups of dog food. We fed our dogs about 1/2 cup of the food twice a day.  They loved it!!! We put the remainder in tupperware and reheated it in the microwave about 20 seconds in a small glass dish. You can easily freeze a portion of the food until you are ready to serve.
The cost for this diet is about $12. At Walmart, we bought the Jennie-O ground turkey in a roll in the frozen food aisle across from the meats. It is 17% fat and costs $1.39 per pound. We bought our veggies from Walmart.
Obviously it is not required to use organic carrots, squash, kale, turkey, etc. but we do recommend using organic if you can afford it. We used a food processor to chop up the carrots, squash and sweet potato. The canned shitake mushrooms are in the grocery section at Walmart on the canned food aisle.
IMPORTANT: Organ meat such as chicken livers or chicken gizzards and hearts should be included in this recipe ONCE or twice a week. We recommend going light on the chicken liver as it is such a rich meat for the dogs. We add about 8 chicken livers to the recipe OR a 1 lb. package of gizzards & hearts.
If cooking this recipe 3 times a week, schedule the meat as follows:
4 lbs. turkey in 1st recipe (add 5800 mg calcium)
2 lbs. turkey & 1 package chicken livers in 2nd recipe (add 7000 mg calcium)
2 lbs. turkey & 1 package of chicken gizzards & hearts in 3rd recipe (add 5600 mg calcium)
but do not forget to rotate around from chicken to turkey or beef, etc. We do not recommend feeding pork to dogs.

Please discuss this recipe with your veterinarian before feeding to your dog.

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