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Peke A Tzu Rescue's Happy Endings 2009

Cami fka PAISLEY (Havanese) joined us in December of 2007. Cami was a retired breeder and very, very shy. Gradually she emerged from her shell and realized that all was well in the world. She was generous with her kisses and filled our lives with joy.
CamiCami & Mom Linda
Cami adores her Forever Mom Linda in Kentwood, Michigan.

ANDY (Shih Tzu) joined us in July of 2008. Andy was found along side a freeway in a construction zone. He was matted beyond recognition. He arrived unsure of himself, but when he realized how much we loved him his wonderful, playful personality emerged. We shall miss his crazy antics and sweet kisses.
AndyAndy, Momm Erika & Dad Gary
Andy is keeping his Forever Mom and Dad Erika and Gary very busy and is enjoying his brothers Bailey and Gizmo in Elkhart, Indiana.
Our sweet Andy left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on October 27, 2017.

Sandy fka LORENE (Shih Tzu - Maltese mix) joined us in February of 2009. Lorene was a breeder girl who was dumped at a shelter. She was so fearful of all around her, but with lots of love and cuddles she began to realize that life was really good. We shall miss holding her in our arms and looking deep into those beautiful eyes.
SandySandy, Mom Mary Jo & Dad Bill
Sandy's Forever Mom and Dad Mary Jo and Bill absolutely adore her in Kentwood, Michigan.

SHIMMER (Yorkshire Terrier) joined us in January of 2009. Shimmer was dumped at a shelter and had been used for breeding. She was shy when she arrived, but blossomed under our care as she realized what love was truly all about. Her kisses were very, very special.
ShimmerShimmer, Mom Dona, Dad Jeff & Nina
Shimmer loves her walks with her Forever Mom and Dad Dona and Jeff and enjoys the company of her pupster sister Nina in Northville, Michigan.
Our sweet Shimmer left all of those who loved her and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 10, 2019.

Kiana fka CAITLIN (Shih Tzu) joined us in September of 2008. Caitlin came to us when she was 2 months old with 3 of her siblings due to medical issues. She blossomed while she was with us and filled our lives with joy. Kiana was sweet beyond words....we miss her.
KianaKiana & Mom Jean
Kiana is sharing her special kisses with her Forever Mom Jean and loves her pupster brothers and sisters Tobie, Teddie, Kai, Snuggles, Zoie, Halie, Noela and Maia in Oak Brook, Illinois.

BELLADONNA (Chinese Crested) joined us in May of 2008. Belladonna was a retired breeder and arrived shy and unsure of herself, but as the days progressed she realized she was safe and loved beyond measure. She was such a sweet, loving little girl and we shall miss her.
GALA (Chinese Crested) joined us in July of 2008. She definitely livened things up when she arrived. She was full of curiosity and every day was an adventure for her. She was a lap baby from the beginning.
Belladonna and Gala are enjoying life with their Forever Mom Jeanine and love snuggling close to their sister Lulu and brothers Tye, Popi and Romeo in Brohman, Michigan.

TELLY (Shih Tzu Maltese Mix) joined us in July of 2008. Telly was a puppy mill boy who had known nothing but confinement. As he became comfortable and realized he was free his sweet personality began to surface. He was a loving little boy who enjoyed everything around him. Telly just loved to be loved.
Telly is enjoying the Florida sunshine with his Forever Mom Jennifer in Jacksonville, Florida.

BRENT (Toy Poodle) joined us in March of 2009. Brent had been passed from home to home. He arrived unsure of himself and seeking someone who would love and cuddle him. He was adorable and we fell in love with him at first sight. His sweet kisses will be missed.
BrentBrent & Mom Katherine
Brent is loved beyond measure by his Forever Mom Katherine and enjoys the company of his sister KC and brothers JoJo and Baxter in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Our sweet Brent left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 1, 2013.

Mitzi fka NIXIE (Shih Tzu) joined us in September of 2008. Mitzi came into our care as a puppy due to medical issues. She was a loving, cuddly little girl and we loved her dearly. All she needed to do was gaze up at us with her beautiful eyes and our hearts melted.
MitziMitzi, Mom Debi, Dad Steve & Daisy
Mitzi is blossoming under the care of her Forever Mom and Dad Debi and Steve and loves her sister Daisy in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

FENDI (Maltese) joined us in September of 2008. Fendi was a retired breeder. He arrived a bit shy, but once comfortable he blossomed into the most loving little boy. He was quite the little clown and was willing to entertain us for hours. He enjoyed life to the fullest and we are so thankful that we were able to have him with us.
Fendi adores his Forever Mom and Dad Joy and Martin and thinks his pupster sister Johanna is way too cool in Milford, Pennsylvania.

KRISTA (Shih Tzu Bichon Mix) joined us in March of 2009. She was a tiny little puppy with hernia surgeries in her future. She remained with us for 7 months as her surgical needs were met. She was a feisty, kissy, loving little girl that added joy to every single one of our days. We shall miss her
KristaKrista, Hattie, Mom Lisa & Dad Joe
Krista is working her charm on her Forever Mom and Dad Lisa and Joe and loves romping and playing with her sister Hattie in Hesperia, Michigan.

Rowan (fka POCKETS Yorkshire Terrier) joined us in January of 2009. He was a retired breeder. Rowan was quite the character! He was a whirlwind of activity and could twirl so fast it made our heads spend. He loved to be loved and brought such joy to our lives.
RowanRowan Mom Pam & Dad Ed
Rowan is definitely keeping his Forever Mom and Dad Pam and Ed busy and loves his brothers and sisters Peanut, Tarquin, Elvis, Kado,Ivy and Kandie in Fenton, Michigan.
Our sweet Rowan left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 25, 2012.

SAXON (Shih Tzu) joined us in October 2007. He was the sweetest most cuddliest little boy. Saxon was Sydney's son and had the same sweet temperament. Whatever he asked for he received. We loved him dearly and miss him beyond belief.
SaxonSaxon and Mom Barbara
Saxon has weaved his magic on his Forever Mom Barbara and is cuddling close with his brother and sisters Dudley, Daisy and Jade in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.
Our sweet Saxon left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on February 26, 2012.

SHANE (Poodle) joined us in January 2007. He was full of boundless energy and love. He was one busy little guy and just loved to be loved. The other pupsters miss him during playtime and so do we!
Shane is lovin' life with his Forever Mom and Dad Cara and Bob in Erie, Pennsylvania.

CAILIN (Scottish Terrier) joined us in September of 2009. She won our hearts immediately. Cailin definitely kept us on our toes. She was so inquisitive and managed to find something at least once a day that she wasn't supposed to have. She was more than generous with her kisses and we miss her mischievous ways.
CailinCailin and Mom Elizabeth
Cailin has her Forever Mom Elizabeth wrapped right around her little paws and loves her Grandpa in Addison, Illinois
Our sweet Cailin left all of those who loved her and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2019.

BOBO (Pekingese) joined us in June of 2007. What an absolute love bug! As long as there was a lap and arms surrounding him he was contented. PETEY(Japanese Chin) joined us in July of 2007. What a handsome boy he was and packed full of love. He arrived with his favorite bear that went everywhere with him and of course it followed him right into his Forever Home. BABSEY(Yorkshire Terrier) joined us in July of 2007. Such a sweet, sweet little girl who just wanted to be loved. She filled our lives with joy.
BabseyPetey, Bobo,Babsey and Mom Marilee
Petey, Bobo and Babsey adore their Forever Mom Marilee and love romping and playing with their pupster brothers and sisters in Orlando, Florida.

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