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Peke A Tzu Rescue's Happy Endings 2011

HANSEL AND GRETEL (Shih Tzu, Poodle, Maltese Mixes) arrived in July 2009. Their Mommy Tessa was part of a mill bust and both were born in the confines of Animal Control. They were released into our care. Both were energetic, loving pupsters. We didn't need to watch comedy shows on TV all we needed to watch was them. They were quite the characters and definitely kept our lives busy. We will miss their sweet kisses and love for life.
Hansel, Gretel & Mom Chris
Hansel and Gretel adore their Forever Mom Chris in Moosomin, Saskatchewan, Canada

CRISPIN AND NELLIE (Yorkshire Terriers) arrived in December 2010. Both were retired breeders. Such tiny little babies so shy and unsure of themselves. With gentle hands and soft voices we won their confidence and it was wonderful to see them blossom into happy, contented babies.
Crispin, Nellie, Mom Pam & Dad Dan
Crispin and Nellie have their Forever Mom Pam and Dad Dan wrapped right around their little paws and love their Yorkie sisters and brothers Ivie, Kandie, Elvis, Peanut, Kado & Rowan in Fenton, Michigan.
Our sweet Crispin left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 15, 2014.
Our sweet Nellie left all of those who loved her and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 3, 2018.

TORA (Chinese Crested) arrived in July 2008. She was a retired breeder and arrived to us at the age of 11. She was so shy when she arrived, but as time progressed her loving personality emerged. What an angel!
SHELBY (Pomeranian) arrived in September 2009. Her Mom lost her home and could not afford to care for her anymore. Shelby was a loving, sweet little girl who wanted nothing more than lots of laptime, hugs and kisses.
Tora and Shelby are enjoying life with their Forever Mom Jeanine in Brohman, Michigan.

JOY (Shih Tzu) arrived in August 2011. Joy was a retired breeder. She had no eyes, but was the most amazing little girl! Within a few days she knew exactly where she was going and what she wanted to do. She was so loving and just wanted to be held and cuddled. She was very, very special and we feel blessed to have met her.
JoyJoy, Mom Carleen & Dad Terry
Joy is filling her Forever Mom Carleen and Dad Terry's lives with joy and loves her sisters Gidget, Princess and Rizzy in Midland, Michigan.

TESSA (Maltese/Poodle Mix) arrived in July 2009. Tessa was part of a mill bust and arrived with two of her babies, Hansel & Gretel. Even though she had lived in horrendous conditions and arrived in horrible shape her love for life and those surrounding her were amazing. She was the sweetest, most loving baby and just wanted to be cuddled close.
TessaTessa & Mom Chris
Tessa loves her Forever Mom Chris so much and is so happy to be reunited with her babies Hansel and Gretel in Moosomin, Saskatchewan, Canada

ESTEE (Brussels Griffon) arrived in August 2009. Estee had been living in horrible conditions and her only value to her owner was how many puppies she could produce. She arrived frightened and had no idea what all of the freedom was about. As time progressed her fear subsided and this delightful, loving little girl emerged. By the time she found her Forever Home belly rubs were part of her daily routine.
EsteeEstee & Mom Melissa
Estee showers her Forever Mom Melissa with kisses every day in Berkley, Michigan.

MOPSIE (Shih Tzu) arrived in July 2009. Mopsie's owner passed away. She had been with him since she was a puppy. She had been loved and well cared for. She transferred her love and devotion to us. She was quite the character and such a happy little girl. Her curiosity for life was endless. She made each of our days with her a joy.
MopsieMopsie & Dad Don
Mopsie is enjoying her daily walks with her Forever Mom Joan and Dad Don and loves her pupster sister Katey in Newaygo, Michigan.

TWAIN & WINONA (Albino Pekingese) arrived in October 2009. They came to us because they had no use of their back legs. With therapy and supplements they grew into healthy babies. They were quite the pair. Both were such happy babies and just loved to be loved.
Twain and Winona are filling their Forever Mom Diane and Dad Murray's lives with joy in Huntsville, Alabama.

KORI(Shih Tzu) arrived in January 2008. Kori was a retired breeder. Though she had only one eye this little girl could move faster and get where she wanted to go before you could blink your eyes. What a character she was. She loved her toys and she enjoyed playing with the other pupsters. Kori just loved to be loved and we shall miss her.
KoriKori & Mom Marg
Kori loves her new home and adores her Forever Mom Marg and Dad Jim and enjoys snuggling with her pupster sister Suzy in Windermere, Florida.
Our sweet Kori left all of those who loved her and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 18, 2014.

Our sweet Marlow left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 28, 2012.

PEACE(Shih Tzu) arrived in September 2008. Peace was a retired breeder. Peace arrived shy and unsure of himself. As the days past he began to emerge from his shell and what a delightful little boy he was. He kept us busy just keeping up with him. We shall miss his sweet kisses and loving ways.
PeacePeace & Mom Helen
Peace is enjoying the nice warm weather with his Forever Mom Helen and thinks his pupster brother Bam is the best in Jacksonville, Florida.

DIXIE(Yorkie) arrived in June 2011. Dixie retired from the breeding world. She was such a tiny frail little girl when she arrived and wasn't sure about life. With lots of love she blossomed into a happy, playful little girl. We feel blessed to have had her in our lives.
Dixie is loved beyond measure by her Forever Mom Jeanine and is enjoying her pupster sisters Tora and Shelby in Brohman, Michigan.

ROSANNA(Pomeranian) arrived in June 2010. She arrived matted to the skin and flea infested. Rosanna was the happiest little girl. Always ready for lots of laptime and could she do the Pommy twirl! She livened up our lives and we couldn't look at her without feeling a tug at our heart.
RosannaRosanna, Mom Gail & Dad Ken
Rosanna is filling her Forever Mom Gail and Dad Ken's lives with joy and loves her Pommy sister Foxy in Algonquin, Illinois.

BRADEN(Brussels Griffon) arrived in July 2010. Braden had growths that overflowed out of his ears. He went through extensive surgeries and was so very brave. He was "Mr. Personality" and loved everyone he met. They were always greeted with lots of tail wags and kisses.
BradenBraden, Auntie Madison and brothers Keegan and Fenton
Braden loves his new home with his Forever Mom Elizabeth and Dad Daniel and his pupster sister Mimmie in Chicago, Illinois.

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