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Peke A Tzu Rescue's Happy Endings 2003

Sweet, Sweet MELLO (Cocker/Poodle Mix) arrived in June of 2003. Mello was in a shelter down South, abandoned because no one wanted her anymore because of age, Mello crawled right into our hearts. What a gentle, loving creature this little girl is.
MELLO is enjoying life with her Forever Mom and Dad Tom & Bernie, and step brother Alex in Baldwin, Michigan.
Our sweet Mello left all of those who loved her and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 7, 2006.

RAZZY (Shih Tzu) hit the door running in June of 2003. This boy had so much energy he didn?t know what to do with it. Razzy was an Owner Turn In, an absolute Shih Tzu delight. He moved right in and became part of the Crew. What a Love Bug!!
RAZZY is keeping busy with his forever Mom and Dad, Brenda & Greg and stepbrother, Scruffie in Duluth, Minnesota.

This hunk of joy, BERNIE (Pekingese) walked into our lives in May of 2003. He was one of many that had been abandoned in a shelter. Bernie had allergy issues, was underweight, matted and afraid. Underneath all of that was this loving, kissy little Peke Boy.
Bernie Bernie & parents
BERNIE is relaxin' with his forever Mom and Dad, Michelle & John, step sister Noel and feline friends, Eddie, Neumann, Stubby, Miss Kitty II, Lily & Macey in Fremont, Michigan.
Our sweet Bernie left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 7, 2013.

OSCAR (Blonde Lab Mix Puppy) was dumped in the back of a neighbor?s pickup truck in the middle of the night. We took him in to our fold in July of 2003. What a wonderful little boy he is. His sweet puppy kisses are dearly missed.
OSCAR is happy and safe with his forever Mom and Dad, Jessica & Nate and step sister Layla in Charlevoix, Michigan.

We were blessed with MORA, a little Manchester Terrier Mix in April of 2003. No one wanted her ? she was so frail, thin and afraid. As she came out of her shell, began eating, and started trusting we were so happy!! She brought so much joy to our lives.
Mora Mora & Kate
MORA is happy and content with her forever Mom and Dad, Kathleen & Richard and her step sisters & brothers- Spike, Shadow, Cashew & Poppy in Grand Rapids,Michigan.
Our sweet Mora left all of those who loved her and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 13, 2016.

FIGARO (Standard Poodle) joined the "Crew" in May 2003. Yes, we are a small breed rescue, but just couldn't help bringing this boy home. He was so horribly thin, but the gentlest, kissiest boy. He was a joy, romping and playing with all of the little kids.
FIGARO is sharing his life with his forever Mom and Dad, Dianne & John and step sister, Dixie in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

POOKIE (Chihuahua Mix) blessed us with her little presence in September 2003. Pookie had been found along side the road in a remote location nearly dead. She was nursed back to health and her feisty, happy disposition immerged. She is 4 pounds of love!
POOKIE is enjoying her feline friends with her forever Mom, Connie and her Aunt Marilyn in Plainwell, Michigan.

COOLIE (Pekingese) joined us in September 2003. Coolie was turned over to rescue because his owner's lifestyle changed. He is such a gentle, loving little boy. He just couldn't get enough lap time and is just an absolute joy!
COOLIE is close by with his forever Mom, Kathy in Fremont, Michigan.

MAVIS has a very special story. When she came into our rescue in October 2003 she had heart problems which were life threatening. With the help of donations and many loving, kind volunteers, we were able to have heart surgery done for this sweet little Dachshund and today she is healthy and happy. Mavis blessed us with her presence and introduced us to the wonderful world of the Dachshund.
Mavis Mavis with Scott & Jamie
MAVIS is very happy with her forever Mom Jamie & Dad Scott, human brothers Ethan & Brady, & fellow doxie brother Eddie in Traverse City, Michigan.

LOKI (Shih Tzu) entered our lives in March of 2003. He had a scab on his chin and nose, ears were infected and so very thin. Loki was so frightened, but it wasn?t long and he was bestowing those wonderful Tzu kisses on us and begging for attention and love.
LokiJan, Dur & Loki
LOKI found his wonderful forever home with his forever Mom Jan, his Aunt Dur, and his step sisters Mischa & Keiko, in St. Louis, Michigan.

SAFFIE (Yorkie) bounced into our lives in August of 2003. Her owner had to give her up for financial reasons. Saffie is so vibrant and full of life at 10 years of age. My sister fell in love with her at first sight so we are able to cuddle this sweetie on a regular basis.
SAFFIE is nearby Auntie Jan & Unkie Bruce with her forever Mom Jeanine and step brothers & sister, Korki, Toby, Romeo, Pocco, Tye & LuLu in Brohman, Michigan.

SMUDGE (Poodle) arrived in our lives in April of 2003. A wonderful, handsome 12 year old Senior Citizen Boy that was dumped at a shelter because of age. He is the most fun loving little boy, so gentle and kind. Vicki and Randy adopted Smudge in May 2003. Then along came SPINNER (Maltese) in July of 2003, a little bitty boy who no one wanted, frightened, horrible teeth, thin. Smudge saw him on the internet and decided he just had to have him as his Step Brother.
SMUDGE AND SPINNER are frolicking and playing with their forever Mom Vicki and Dad Randy in Muskegon, Michigan.
Our sweet Spinner left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 16, 2003.
Our sweet Smudge left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 18, 2006.

ZURICH (Shih Tzu) arrived in September 2003. He had been from here to there, came in matted, flea infested, ear problems. But, he didn't let that stop him from being a loving, happy little guy who covered us with kisses. He romped and played with everyone.
ZurichTammy & Zurich
ZURICH enjoying life with his forever Mom Tammy & Dad Brian and step sister Zoe and step brother Zildjian in East Lansing, Michigan.

Our sweet PICA blessed us with her presence from October to November 2003. She is a loving, kissy little girl and brought great joy to all that came in contact with her. All of us miss her so much. As you can see she found her Dad's lap quickly.
PicaPica in Dad's lap
PICA has moved right into her forever Mom Suzanne & Dad John's hearts and step brothers Buddha & Presto in Chandler, Arizona.

NATALIE (Peke A Poo) blessed us with her wonderful puppy breath in October 2003. Natalie is just one big white puff of puppy joy!! We enjoyed watching her play and romp and surely do miss her.
NatalieNatalie & Mom
NATALIE is bestowing kisses on her forever Mom Janet & Dad Jerry in Oxford, Michigan.

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