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Peke A Tzu Rescue's Happy Endings 2004

DARBY (Bichon) jumped into our lives in June 2003. He was found in a Southern Shelter and unbelievably nobody wanted him. He was one big lover the minute he came into our lives. He was in our laps and arms every chance he got. In October 2003 a situation developed with a breeder in this area, HEDDY (Bichon) needed a home and Kathy called and lovingly took this little girl in, she had many issues, but look at this beautiful girl now! And here comes HARRY (Bichon)!! Harry came in from a puppy mill in March 2004 and Kathy and Frank were on the phone immediately. Harry is a sweet, sweet boy who had known nothing but breeding and confinement.
Harry & family
DARBY, HEDDY & HARRY are lovin' it with their forever Mom Kathy & Dad Frank, Devin their bosom buddy and stepbrother Gali in Traverse City, Michigan.
Our sweet Darby left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 20, 2007.

VENUS (Chihuahua/Pomeranian Mix) arrived in November 2003 from a Humane Society in Shiawassee County . Venus was so flea infested that her little back was bare, she had an infected molor that had invaded her sinus cavity. Venus was in a lot of pain and came in ready to chew our fingers off. After all medical needs were met and she was free of pain, Venus let us know how much love she was carrying around in that little 4 pound body. She is so sweet.
VENUS loving all of the attention with her forever Mom Jeanne & Dad Leo, and doggie brother Buoy in Elk Rapids.

Hi Everyone!! My name is GOLIATH (Pomeranian), and I arrived on the scene in December of 2003 at the tender age of 8 weeks old. I was not doing well and would not eat. Everyone thought I may not live very long. Well, with lots of love and care I began to bounce back and what a come back it was!! I am one little energetic Pommie and love everyone that I come in contact with.
GOLIATH is springing around with his forever Mom Jane and Dad Greg, and human sister Elizabeth in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan.
Our sweet Goliath left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 28, 2014.

We were fortunate to meet DUFFY (Poodle) in September of 2003. Duffy is a sweet, sweet boy who was used as a breeder for 8 years. He arrived shy and confused and just couldn't figure out all of the freedom that he had. It took some time for him to get comfortable and know that he could go whereever he wanted, sleep whereever he wanted and sit in your lap to his heart's content. He gives the most wonderful kisses and stole our hearts.
DuffyBill, Grace & Duffy
DUFFY is forever grateful that he found his forever Mom Grace & Dad Bill in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

BUCKLEY (Yorkie Mix) was rescued from a shelter in Arizona by one of our wonderful Forever Homes. We never met Buckley personally, but fell in love with his pictures and stories that were shared with us. He is a wonderful little boy, full of so much love.
BuckleyBarbara & Buckley
BUCKLEY, basking in the sun with his forever mom Barbara, dad Mike & his four feline step brothers in Gilbert, Arizona.

Our tail waggin', happy, smilin' CINNAMON (Dachshund) blessed us with her presence in November of 2003. Cinnamon came from a puppy mill and had known nothing but breeding. She came in with a hernia, mammary tumors and extremely thin. Through it all, she held her head high, gave us all the love she had in her and wagged her tail constantly. She is dearly missed, but has found her perfect home.
CinnamonCinnamon & family
CINNAMON, Giving All of Her Love To Her Forever Mom Julie and Dad Brent, Human sister Chelsea and brother Zachary and her Dachshund companion, Miss Bianca in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Sweet MATTIE's owner had to go into Assisted Living so she was brought into our home in January of 2004. Mattie (Pekingese) is such a sweet little girl, full of love and happiness. Her kisses and hugs are precious and her smiling face brought joy to us every single day.
MattieMattie & Nancy
MATTIE is being spoiled beyond belief by her Forever Mom Nancy in Comstock Park, Michigan.

BAILEY (Chihuahua Mix) bounced into our home in January 2004. Bailey was a stray picked up by our local shelter. She is so funny and kept us running constantly. She never slowed down for a minute unless it was to shower us with sweet kisses. She definitely gave all of her step sisters and brothers lots of exercise!
BaileyBailey, Lynda & Jerry
BAILEY is keeping her Forever Mom and Dad, Jerry and Lynda busier than they have been in a long time in Caledonia, Michigan.

MAGGIE (Pekingese) took over our hearts when she arrived in September of 2003. Maggie was a very frightened little girl, didn't like men and we worked with her consistently to earn her trust and kisses. She definitely took over a big chunk of all of our hearts as she began to come out of her shell and bestowed all of her love on us. Her sweet kisses and beautiful eyes will be remembered forever.
MaggieMaggie & Michelle
MAGGIE is blessing her Forever Mom and Dad, Michelle and Greg, her furry step sister and brother, Sweet Pea and Buddy, with her wonderful, loving presence in Bear Lake, Michigan.
Our sweet Maggie left all of those who loved her and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 13, 2004.

MOLLY (Lab Mix) was tied to a tree on a six foot chain as was her sister Daisy. Rescue Angels were watching over her and helped her escape her horrible existence. Molly is a sweet 5 year old girl and has found her wonderful Forever Home. She loves to be cuddled and played with. Molly just plain loves life now and everyone and anything in it.
MollyMolly & family
Molly loves her new home with Mom and Dad, Amy and Mike, Human Sisters and Brothers Caleb, Lily and Ellen in Richland, Michigan.

DAISY (Labrador Mix) spent the majority of her life tied to a tree with a six foot chain and had two litters of puppies before the Rescue Angels arrived. She was very sick and so afraid, but as she began to trust and realized how much she was loved, Daisy returned the love ten fold.
DaisyDaisy, Shannon & Alec
Daisy is so happy with her Sister and Brother, Shannon and Alec in Battle Creek, Michigan.

BINGO (Maltese) arrived in our rescue in February 2004. He fooled us for the first few days, was very shy and withdrawn AND then the Maltese emerged. Bingo is full of energy and love. He sure likes his lovin' and let us know how happy he was to be with us. He added so much joy to our lives.
BingoBingo & parents
BINGO is so happy to be with his Forever Mom and Dad, Barbara and George in Metamora, Michigan.
Our sweet Bingo left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 14, 2010.

KOJAC (Bichon Frise) bounded into our lives in February 2004. We put our normal exercise program on the burners, because this little boy had us running all over. He was so full of energy and such a clown. He loved every living, breathing being and constantly kept us laughing with all of his crazy antics.
KojacKojac & Jennifer
KOJAC is keeping his Forever Mom and Dad, Jennifer and Sonny, his canine brother Marley and his feline sister Maxine very busy in Chicago, Illinois.
Our sweet Kojac left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in March 2019.

Our handsome boy WYLEE (Shih Tzu) first gazed up at us with his big brown eyes in July of 2003. Wylee had been at a shelter, adopted and returned because of biting issues. He spent nearly 8 months with us as we worked with him to overcome his behavior. Wylee responded and we then felt he was ready to venture out on his own to a wonderful Forever Home. He is one little fantastic, loving energetic Tzu and oh, how we miss his soft furry body and big beautiful eyes.
WyleeWylee & Connie
WYLEE is sharing his love with his Forever Mom Connie and his Feline Friend, Smoke in Roseville, Michigan.

Sweet DIVINITY (Bichon Mix) graced us with her beauty in January 2003. Divinity was used for breeding and didn't produce “top quality” puppies so the breeder turned her over to rescue. Divinity was only accustomed to kenneling and was very introverted and shy. She gradually warmed up, realized that we loved her so much and began to give her love and devotion to us. Her sweet personality and loving ways are greatly missed.
Divinity & EllieDivinity & family
DIVINITY is realizing how much she is loved with her Forever Mom and Dad Peggy and Chris, her human sister Ellie and her canine friend Kip in Northbrook, Illinois.
Our sweet Divinity left all of those who loved her and crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is waiting patiently to see us once again.

Itty Bitty SMIDGEN (Pomeranian) came to us in August 2003. All 4 pounds of this little girl was packed with love. Smidgen had been bred, lost her puppy and she had some heart issues. After a complete physical examination it was found that she had a heart murmer. We were so thankful that it wasn?t more serious. Smidgen added joy to our lives with her wagging tail, twirling body and happy personality.
SmidgenSmidgen & family
SMIDGEN is whirling and twirling for joy with her Forever Mom and Grandpa Madalin and Maywood, her dwarf rabbit brother and sister Littlebit and Buttercup in Ashley, Michigan.
Our sweet Smidgen left all of those who loved her and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 27, 2004.

BERNIE (SHIH TZU) arrived in March 2004. Bernie is a wonderful, sweet little boy so full of love. His owners lifestyle changed and it was necessary for them to have help finding this little boy a wonderful home. He added so much fun and joy to our lives during his stay. His Mom and Dad drove all the way from West Virginia to Michigan and picked him up ? that is how very special he is!
BernieBernie & family
BERNIE is going to be a fishin? and a playin? with his Forever Mom and Dad, Elaine and George, and his Shih Tzu sister Muffy in Augusta, West Virginia.
Our sweet Bernie left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on October 2, 2013.

MOCHA (Pekingese), filled our lives with sunshine in March 2004. He charmed his way right into our hearts with his beautiful eyes and lovely smile. He will fit right in with his forever family and will be harmonizing along with the rest of the group with his fantastic purring voice. He is also going to love the beautiful scenery in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
MochaMocha & family
MOCHA says he will be strumming that guitar right along with his Forever Mom and Dad, Kim and Bunny, in Chatham, Michigan.

NATALIA fka SASSY (Poodle), joined us in March of 2004. Her elderly owner had passed away and the family could not take care of her. She wormed her way right into our hearts. She just wanted to be hugged, cuddled and held. She is a sweet, sweet, little girl who has so much love to give.
Sassy & Mom ThelmaSassy & Aunt Sharon
SASSY is helping with the gardening with her Forever Mom Thelma, her Aunt Sharon and her best friend Maria in Waterford, Michigan.

BROOKE (Schnauzer/Poodle Mix) was found in a ditch matted, unable to barely walk and in weak condition in April of 2004. A wonderful young girl named Caitlin and her Mom picked Brooke up and proceeded to find a rescue for her. Many would not take her, but when they contacted our rescue we opened our arms and brought her into our fold. Brooke was blind, deaf, approximately 12 years old and suffering from old injuries. We showered her with love and little by little she realized that she was really alive once again. We sorely miss her sweet kisses and soft body. We feel blessed that there are people out there that recognize the love that a dog like Brooke still has to give.
BrookeBrooke & Juliana
BROOKE is surrounded by love with her Forever Mom and Dad Val and Francisco, sisters and brother Allie, Gabriela, Juliana and Diego, her doggy brother and sister Tess and Buddy, her feline friends Daisy and Oliver, and yes, even her rescued duck pals Duckworth, Ping and Pong in Ada, Michigan.
Our sweet Brooke left all of those who loved her and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 9, 2004.

SAUCY (Pomeranian Mix), bounced into our home in October 2003. Saucy was found as a stray and ended up in a shelter. This little girl was Miss Personality Plus and she was full of boundless energy. Her kisses were never ending, her sweet smile was made in heaven. We feel so blessed that we were allowed to have her in our home.
SaucySaucy & Mom Pauline
SAUCY is enjoying the sunny, warm, dry weather with her Forever Mom and Dad Pauline and Robert, her doggy sisters Princess & Samatha in Bullhead City, Arizona.

TERRA AND RHETT (Shih Tzu/Maltese Puppies) came to us in April 2004 from a young gal whose living situation had changed and she did not have enough time to give to them. Terra and Rhett definitely livened up the household with their crazy puppy antics. We were constantly showered with kisses. They added lots of excitement to each day and their sweet faces were a joy to behold.
Terra & RhettTerra, Rhett & Dad
TERRA AND RHETT are definitely keeping their Forever Dad Dennis busy in Dearborn, Michigan.

CARA (Shih Tzu) arrived with 5 others in March of 2004 from an Ohio puppy mill. Frightened and starved for love, Cara looked up at us with her big brown eyes and begged us to help heal her. She had gone through 13 years of abuse and neglect, but responded quickly to our loving touch. Cara is a sweet, sweet little girl who added so much joy to our lives.
CaraCara & Mom MaryAnn
CARA is being lavished with love by her Forever Mom and Dad MaryAnn and Howard and her doggy sister Coki in Hastings, Michigan.

KAMBRIA (Pekingese) arrived from a puppy mill in February of 2004. She was such a sad looking little girl, flea infestation had bared her hind quarters, horribly thin and so very shy. She crawled right into our hearts immediately, those soft brown eyes just pleaded for love. She purred when held and her little Pekey snorts were amazing. What a wonderful, loving little girl.
KambriaKambria & Mom Stella
KAMBRIA is showering her love and affection on her Forever Mom Stella and everyone in the family in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

HUNNEE (Pekingese) blessed us with her sweet presence in December of 2003. She was such a sad little girl, thin, skin horrible from flea infestation and so very shy. She blossomed with us, as they say love conquers all and is such a sweet, lovable little girl. We will miss her, but know that she will surround her Mom with love and devotion. Then along came Jack fka THUMPER (Westie/Yorkie Mix) in July of 2004. He was found as a stray and in such sad condition when he arrived. He gradually got over his shyness and lavished us with his love. Hunnee's Mom offered to foster Jack, but she just could not part with him and we definitely understand why.
Hunnee & JackHunnee & Mom Mindy
HUNNEE and JACK are overjoyed to be with their Forever Mom Mindy and and their feline friends Jasper, Dusty and Snowflake in Muskegon, Michigan.

FRITZ (Affenpinscher) was turned over to the rescue by his owner in February 2004. This was our first introduction to this wonderful breed. What a pleasure it was to have him with us. That little “monkey face” won our hearts. He just loved to play and play. His kisses and hugs were so very special and he was such an intelligent little boy. He had us wrapped around his little paws in an instant.
FritzFritz & Mom Alyce
FRITZ is showering all of his love on his Forever Mom Alyce and his human brother Cory in Evanston, Illinois.
Our sweet Fritz left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 7, 2013.

Josie fka ELANA (Yorkie) our sweet, darling little puppy blessed us with her presence in June 2004. Josie was a very sick little girl and it was doubtful that she would be with us for any length of time. But God decided that she was going to stay with us and fill our lives with joy. There is not enough to say about this little girl, she was a trouper and fought her way back to life. Her sweet kisses and lovely face are greatly missed.
JosieJosie & Mom Barbara
Josie loves her new home, with her Forever Mom Barbara, her Yorkie sister Maddy and her Maltese brother Cotin in New Boston, Michigan.

MIA (Shih Tzu) was saddened by the loss of her owner in July 2004. Her owner?s family could not take care of her so she came to us and looked up with those beautiful eyes as if to say “Please Help Me”. She was so lovable and gentle we could not resist her. Her stay was short, but during that time she filled our lives with love and laughter. It was a pleasure for us to find someone she could love again.
MiaMia & family
MIA is enjoying camping and traveling with her Forever Mom and Dad Patricia and Oscar and her new “Tzu Bro” Pepper in Onekama, Michigan.

MCNABB (Pekingese) arrived from a puppy mill in October of 2003. He was so horribly shy, but so sweet. He is one of the most handsome Pekes, beautiful blonde coat and to die for brown eyes. It was instant love when he hit the door. His crazy antics and sweet personality will never be forgotten. He gave us so much of his love and he will be in our hearts forever. We miss you sweetie!
McNabbMcNabb & Mom Betty
MCNABB has found his special home with his Forever Mom Betty in Wyoming, Michigan.

STEFFI (Shih Tzu) with her sad little eyes blessed us with her presence in March of 2004. Steffi arrived with 5 others from a puppy mill in Ohio. It took Steffi quite awhile to trust a human again. Her favorite thing, once she knew you was to lay on her little belly and slap her feet at you. She showered us with lots of cuddles and kisses eventually and we felt so fortunate to have been able to hold her in our arms and give her the love that she had never known.
SteffiSteffi & Mom Char & Dad Josh
STEFFI will be wintering in Florida, making trips to the UP, but spending most of her time with her Forever Mom and Dad Char and Josh and her furry brother George in Bear Lake, Michigan.

SAMSON (Lab Mix) came to us from our local shelter in February 2004. We just could not turn our back on this sweet boy even though we did not have the facilities to house him. A wonderful large dog rescue close to us agreed to foster this little boy until we found his Forever Home. He is such a handsome boy with to die for eyes and his ears are absolutely irresistible.
SAMSON is lovin' his new home with his Forever Mom and Dad Sarah and Brian in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

AGGIE (Yorkie) and MOLLY (Poodle) joined our family in May of 2004. It was a very sad situation. Their owner, Velma, had recently lost her husband and the grief was overwhelming for her. At that point she just could not cope with caring for her beloved pets, so with heavy heart she thought of them first and knew she needed someone to help. We took her babies in and loved them as if they were our own. We had received applications for these babies, but just couldn't find what we felt was the “Perfect Home” for them. We received a call from Velma 3 months after Molly and Aggie had arrived, she wanted to know how they were doing in their new homes and when we told her they were still with us she was beyond words. Velma was healthy and whole again and with overwhelming joy, we returned her beloved pets to her.
Aggie & Mom VelmaMolly & Mom Velma
AGGIE and MOLLY are back in their Mother Velma's arms in Reid City, Michigan.

Rocky (SULLY Bichon Mix) popped into our lives in May of 2004. Rocky had known nothing but the kennel life and was very, very shy. Sully is such a lovable little boy and he blossomed while with us, but definitely needed his own special Forever Home to continue on his road to recovery, learning to trust and love. We miss his sweet kisses and happy little face.
Rocky & Dad JimRocky & Mom Nita
Rocky is settling right in and loving his new home with his Mom and Dad Nita and Jim and his Standard Poodle brother Augie in Burr Ridge, Illinois.
Our sweet Rocky left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 2, 2014.

TRUFFLES (Shih Tzu) was found by our Nephew and Niece. She was living in a situation where her needs were not being met care wise. She arrived in June of 2004 and was a joy to have in our home. She adjusted quickly and showered us with the famous Tzu kisses. We will miss her warm body in bed with us at night and her wonderful feathery kisses.
TrufflesTruffles & Mom Nancy
TRUFFLES has brought light back into her Mom Nancy's life and is enjoying her extended family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

SNUGGLES (Poodle) with his wagging tail and unbelievable happy personality arrived in our home in February 2004. This little boy came from a mill, but this did not deter his happy personality and loving ways. He kept us on our toes constantly, energized is not even the word. He was the most inquisitive, mischievous little boy, but all he had to do is look up at us with his big brown eyes and all was forgotten.
SNUGGLES is definitely keeping life exciting with his Forever Mom and Dad Darlene and Clarence, his furry brothers and sister, Dondee, Bailey, and DeeDee in Wyoming, Michigan.

We were blessed with our Zoey fka SASHA (Pekingese) in March of 2004. Zoey came from a puppy mill where she had known nothing but breeding. She arrived with 5 other sisters and brothers. She immediately took over a big chunk of our hearts. She was so shy, but so very loving. She added such joy to our lives every single day. We will miss her so much, but know that she has found her very “Special Home”.
Zoey/SashaZoey/Sasha & Mom Michelle
Zoey is so happy with her Forever Mom and Dad Michelle and Greg, her step sister and brother Sweet Pea and Buddy in Bear Lake, Michigan.

Beautiful CHLOE (Pekingese) arrived in July of 2004. Chloe was brought into our rescue because her prior owners were having a nipping problem with their small child. Chloe was an absolute joy and her Foster Parents just could not give her up.
Chloe is being loved and cuddled by her Forever Mom and Dad Tracy and Scott, her Tzu step sister Katarina and Peke brother Harley, and her feline siblings Seiko and Ace in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Our lovely LAYA (Shih Tzu/Poodle Mix) arrived in May of 2004. She was turned over to rescue by her owner because of medical reasons. Laya filled our home with laughter and giggles. She was so very fun to be around, always happy and bestowing us with as many kisses as we could handle. Our little roly poly girl is really missed.
LayaLaya & Mom Sue
Laya is showering her Forever Mom Sue with her famous kisses, and giving her feline brothers and sister, Jasper, TC and Jasmine more attention than they prefer, in Worcester, Massachusetts.
Our sweet Laya left all of those who loved her and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 28, 2012.

Our sweet, sweet old man MERLIN (Poodle) came from our local shelter. He was found as a stray, so matted you couldn't tell what he was. Merlin was the kindest, most loving little boy. He was always right there to please everyone. He was contented with a lap, a belly rub and of course his treats and food. We miss his special kisses and sweet disposition.
MerlinMerlin & family
MERLIN is overjoyed in his new home with his Forever Mom and Dad Val and Francisco, sisters and brother Allie, Gabriela, Juliana and Diego, his doggy brother and sister Tess and Buddy and his feline friends Daisy and Oliver in Ada, Michigan.
Our sweet Merlin left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 8, 2005.

MacAlister fka DIEGO (Pekingese) arrived in our home in April 2003. MacAlister came into our home frightened, aggressive and so very needy. We were fortunate to have him with us for a year and a half. Needless to say, he became so important in our lives and a huge part of our hearts. But, there is someone out there for our babies, no matter how long their wait. Macalister's wait was well worth it, he has found the most fantastic, loving home. We miss him so much, but know that it was time for him to fill someone else's lives with love and tail wags.
Joshua fka ROARKE (Pekingese) sauntered into our lives in April of 2004. His former owners could not keep him due to apartment living. Joshua was our lovebug the moment he arrived. He gave the best Pekey kisses around and boy, did he like his belly rubs. We miss his soft body and wonderful smile.
Merlin fka NIKKI (Shih Tzu) blessed us with his presence in August of 2004. He arrived very shy, but it did not take him long to figure out how much he was truly loved. He gave so much to us while he was here. He left for his Forever Home, a very happy, secure little boy. He had the most beautiful Tzu eyes and we melted everytime he looked at us.
Abigail fka TRESSA (Pekingese) was the sweetest, most beautiful Pekingese girl and arrived in October of 2004. Abigail had been left at a shelter. She had tumors and eyes were infected. She continued to wag her tail and fill our lives with joy from the minute she arrived. When she looked at us with her big brown eyes we just melted.
macalister with Jane & JeffJoshua with Jane
Merlin with JeffAbigail
MACALISTER, JOSHUA, MERLIN and ABIGAIL have blessed the lives of their Forever Mom and Dad Jane and Jeff in Morris, Illinois.
Our sweet Abigail left all of those who loved her and crossed the Rainbow Bridge May 4, 2005.
Our sweet MacAlister left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge March 23, 2010.
Our sweet Joshua left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge October 25, 2010.
Our sweet Merlin left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge January 4, 2014.

PUDDLES (Poodle) came from our local shelter in August 2004. Puddles had been found running loose on the main highway going through White Cloud. He jumped into our lives with tail wagging and smiling his crooked little smile. He was a joy to have with us. He loved being loved and was so full of life and happiness. He had the most wonderful little talk. What a precious little boy.
PuddlesPuddles & Mom Mary
PUDDLES is filling his Forever Mom Mary's life with happiness in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Missy fka PANDY (Shih Tzu) arrived in our home in August of 2004. Missy was 10 years old and her family was moving, and dropped her at a shelter. How anyone could have walked away from this sweet little girl for any reason is beyond us. She gave us cuddles and kisses from the minute she arrived. She was our little shadow and her favorite spot was our laps. We miss her soft little body and sweet little face.
Missy fka PandyMissy fka Pandy
MISSY has found her place in someone's heart again with her Forever Mom and Dad Carole and Doug in Grand Haven, Michigan.
Our sweet Missy left all of those who loved her and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 27, 2005.

Teddy fka ALEX (Bichon Frise) began to shower us with his wonderful puppy kisses in September 2004. Teddy was the most lovable, cuddly little boy. He loved all of his foster brothers and sisters and climbed right into our hearts. He has definitely left a hole in our lives, but we know he is so very happy.
TEDDY is rolling over for belly rubs with his Forever Mom and Dad Alison and Gregg in Big Rapids, Michigan.

WAYLON (Cock A Poo) arrived in our home in September 2004. What a sweet, sweet little boy he was. So quiet and laid back. He loved to play with all of the pupsters and his favorite place was of course in our laps. He filled our lives with so much joy. We loved to watch him play and romp and there was nothing better than his sweet sloppy kisses.
WaylonWaylon & Family
Waylon is enjoying his home with his Forever Mom and Dad Christine and Robert and his human sisters Erika and Nicole in White Lake, Michigan.

WHITNEY (Bichon Frise/Maltese Mix) our sweet, shy little girl came into our lives in August of 2004. Whitney had known nothing but the breeder's life and was so happy to be with us. She was loving and sweet, and just wanted to please. We miss her sweet little face and those gorgeous brown eyes!
WhitneyWhitney & Mom Karen
WHITNEY is giving all of her love to her Forever Mom Karen and her Westie Sister Lacey in Dayton, Ohio.

WILLIE (Cock A Poo) arrived in our home in September 2004. What a sweet, sweet little boy. He definitely kept us on our toes as we followed him from room to room trying to see what he could find to get into! He showered us with kisses and love while he was here. All of us, including his pupster playmates miss him bunches!
WillieWillie & Mom Chastity & Brother Richard
Willie is keeping his Forever Mom Chasity and his human brother Richard busy in Dearborn, Michigan.

DAISY (Poodle Shih Tzu Mix) blessed us with her sweet face in March of 2004. There just isn't enough that we can say about this sweet little girl. She had to leave a home she had been accustomed to for 7 years, but settled in quickly and spread her love around to all. She just wanted a nice warm lap and lots of cuddles and kisses. We love you Daisy!
DaisyDaisy & Mom Florence
Daisy is filling her Forever Mom Florence's life with joy once again in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Our sweet Daisy left all of those who loved her and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 26, 2007.

CASSIE (Shih Tzu) arrived in our rescue in September of 2004. She was a very frightened little girl, but quickly blossomed and gave us all the love she had in her. She was a joy to have with us and we are so very thankful that we had time to spend with this beautiful little girl.
CassieCassie & family
Cassie is filling her Forever Mom and Dad, Kay and Nick's lives with joy and is in love with her new playmate Dalton in Big Canoe, Georgia.

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